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Terms of Use:

By accessing any part of this website, you are deemed to have accepted these Terms of Use and any other policies identified throughout the website.

Privacy Policy:

None of your private information will be shared with other parties or used for any purpose other than to contact you or complete a transaction through PayPal. Jill Joblonkay or is not responsible, however, for how the privacy practices, or your use of, any other links on

Owner's Rights:

All of the information and Content on this website, including all links to recorded or printed material produced or channelled by Jill Joblonkay, are copyrighted and belong to Jill Joblonkay. User may not use, copy, publish, sell, change, add to, alter or modify any of the Content in any way. Users may print copies of the PDF files on this website, provided they are for their own personal use. Use of any of the Content for any other reason, other than personal use, is forbidden without express written consent from Jill Joblonkay. All Content is copyrighted in accordance with Canada and International copyright laws.

User Responsibility for Use of Content, services provided by Jill Joblonkay, Third Party Content, and Links on

Jill Joblonkay or is not responsible for the accuracy or reliability of any information provided by third parties providing Content to this website, nor any losses, damage or harm caused by a user’s reliance on information obtained through this website. It is the user's responsibility to evaluate all information provided by Jill Joblonkay,, or any Third Party's information, opinion, advice or other Content available through the website or from Jill Joblonkay. Comments made by of Jill Joblonkay are not to be used to diagnose, treat or cure any medical condition. In accordance with law, all psychic medium, and channeling and communication with the Holy Spirit services are for entertainment purposes only. Please read our terms, conditions, and copyright policy before using this site or our services.

The user of this website, or of any Content or services provided by Jill Joblonkay, understands the spiritual nature of the Content that is presented by Jill Joblonkay as a Channel or Medium, and accepts responsibility for their own interpretation of the material or Content provided, and understands that all such Content, including intuitive guidance, is provided by Jill Joblonkay or, is, in accordance with law, for their entertainment only.

Termination of Usage or Services Provided by Jill Joblonkay:

Jill Joblonkay and may terminate any User's access to all or any part of the website or any services provided by Jill Joblonkay, for any reason, at any time.

Guarantee of Content or Services:

Jill Joblonkay and, do not guarantee the accuracy of all Content, including but not limited to, all information, printed material, recordings, meditations, prayers, channeled material, and all services provided, including but not limited to Mediumship or Energy/Holistic services. However, if at any time during the first half hour of a private consultation with Jill Joblonkay, you feel the session is not up to your satisfaction and that you are not receiving information that is accurate or applicable to you, and you express, before the first half hour has passed, that you would like to terminate the session, Jill Joblonkay will not charge you for the session. If a prepayment was made for this session, Jill Joblonkay will return the payment to you. Jill Joblonkay will retain any recording and all rights to the recording that had been made of the terminated session.

Jill Joblonkay does not guarantee the recording of the session, and reserves the right to retain the recording of the session as well as the rights to all of its content without providing a copy to the User, for any reason.

Jill Joblonkay or is not responsible for any losses resulting from interruption of Internet services; any viruses or other harmful components accessed by using this website or any of its links or Third Party Content, sent by email, any form of Social Media or Communication boards or websites, or any communication between users of or any services provided by Jill Joblonkay.

Jill Joblonkay reserves the right to change or update the Content of at any time.

When using the website or accessing the services of Jill Joblonkay, USER AGREES TO BE BOUND BY THESE TERMS OF USE.

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