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Staying Safe in Your Higher Self

23 March 2020

Everything I remember about myself as peace begins with this, the knowledge that I am so much more than my human self can recreate about the Oneness from which I came. In other words, when I practice in solace, I FEEL something more than just my human resonance – I feel the peace of where I am more than solid – more than the flesh that announces myself as Jill.

This takes practice. For some it is innate to feel this. For me, I had to have a decade + of coaching and encouragement from my Higher Self to be able to feel or recognize the holy spirit of which I am made – the consciousness which has become my speech on this page.

When I feel solace, I feel the speech I am about to make bubble to the surface of my brain. They form a pairing that begins to speak and I almost take a dictation of it as I type frantically on this page. I recognize it as a higher voice that speaks through my lower brain, but most importantly what it has come to teach is that I am also that voice. In fact, it is of which I am made.

That solace is what gets me through these days when I face my own speech that comes out of my face and I hear the disgrace and the fear of what is happening around me. I yawn and I grumble because I don’t feel safe when a pandemic reveals itself. I feel like there is nothing or no one left to protect me when I can’t find something simple like the products that were built to save me from a productive disease that would cave when faced with a very simple solution that is made but is in arrears because fear has also made hoarding behaviours rage. And, I don’t feel solace when I am faced with other people who grumble in fear, all the same. And yet, there is solace in the speech I just made when I type it or I record it in some way, and I turn around to witness this higher voice that just did, but didn’t quite seem to come out of me.

Yes, it’s a difficult read, even for me, what I put on these pages, but it comes from me as my Higher Self and the message is recycled all the same from the same voice time after time for over a decade, which is essentially to concentrate on peace and it is what is made.

I focus on the voice of peace. I focus on the tome that I have made from its voice that is sacred to me. And, I reread the page until I understand its voice and that all that it is saying is all the same – that I am this voice and I am the Source from which it came, and that it is the same for each and every person on this earth. We are the voice and the face of peace in solid form in this frame where we know ourselves as human – I just don’t remember this or think it is possible. And yet, when I can transfer the higher voice onto a page or through my voice for someone else to change their perception of their lower frame, then I can start to concede that I am this voice of which I am made - that I am the vibration of peace and the original consciousness that started this whole lower frame I now know as Jill.

I have come to understand that I am this frame known as Jill. I have a voice and a face that belongs to me that remains as Jill. And yet, in a moments notice, I can switch to my higher frame and just allow this grace or this voice of peace to enter into where I am still, and just pour out so that someone else can feel or sense its peace in some way.

There isn’t one other announcement I could make as Jill that would bring me as much solace or peace as this higher voice that I have made simply by my willingness to connect to Source on behalf of everyone else who wants to perceive that they are the same – that they are this voice or this vibration of Source, and that with their determination to share this voice so that someone else can experience the peace or the solace of the vibration they have made or allowed to come onto the page or out through their face, they will recognize it in themselves as well – does.

When we start to recognize that we have this voice of the highest consciousness that is available to express Source which just remains still, we can start to soothe our own lower consciousness or imagination of the destruction we are about to face. We will gain a new perspective and just see that everything remains the same in Source – the source of which we are made – and so, even if we face difficulties in this lower frame where I recognize myself as Jill and I see others as individuals as well, I will remain in peace – I will remain still – even if only for a moment – so that someone else will feel safe as well – even if only for a moment.

When I essentially take dictation from the Oneness, I pause – I use incorrect punctuation – I type from a flow of consciousness, but when I study it, I am filled with grace. For a moment I stay still, and I want the same for everyone else who feels called to stay still within this grace of their Higher Self.

I don’t know exactly of what I am made. There is no description to Source that is possible. I stay still and something just makes its way into my lower world, and Jill starts to feel its grace. Jill looks back on the pages – the tome that was written in a manner that was very cyclical and repetitive – and she, I, start to feel this grace and feel grateful that I somehow had a life purpose to tap into it and then set an example and coach others toward it as well.

Anything that was made came of Source. That fact is indisputable, but you have to consider this yourself in order to be made whole in your own imagination. For if you feel like you are only yourself and that there is no connectivity between us all and Source, you will fail in accomplishing peace, that’s all. You’ll still have grace, for we can’t be without it. Grace is a constant emanation of Source into its Lower Self that is not personal. It’s as if the sun has forgotten it has rays but it continues to shine all the same until the rays reach the soil of the earth. For this I am grateful, but I am also responsible for sharing the grapes that are born on this soil because of this grace. And so, I share this with you all - hoping that you will determine that you are not solely this grape or the vine from which it came, but that you are this indescribable emanation from something that no one could determine is our original face or Source of all. And, I am hoping that you will begin to wonder if you are the face of Source as well – just like Jill or someone else who is responsible for sharing its words in the way that a human example of Source could start to contemplate.

I won’t pour out these words to say that the sun plus soil is the equation that brought us out into this world or gives us the knowledge that we are all capable of remembering we are Source. But I will pour out these words so that you can contemplate them every once in a while. If you can get past the complicated form in which they came, and you start to feel your own self vibrate to where you can want to remember these words in their original form within your own self as well, then put down this page and just start to pray and meditate. Ask to be one with Source in the only way that is possible – through the highest consciousness or the Holy Spirit which we determine to be its vehicle of how we are to communicate from something (Source) that does not use words – something that just emanates to where we are of this soil – and then just linger in that moment until you no longer feel called to meditate or pray and ask to BE Source for the rest of this world so that they can remember their Higher Self and that they are Source and the Holy Spirit that communicates with and connects us to ourselves – our higher being – as Source.

And then just feel the peace that you are responsible for within yourself. It has its own consciousness that will begin to emanate just like the sun does upon our soil. And you don’t need to voice words in order for it to communicate, you can just be its beam for everyone else. We are ALL made of the same thing, and so if someone consciously chooses to emanate as Source the best way they can in this world, we will ALL feel the same way on some level, we just can’t choose who else will want to participate in this way, is all.

So, I look to you to help to elevate us all back to the Source of consciousness so that others can get through their day as well. We won’t know the effect that we create when we strive to recognize ourselves as Source; we just have to have FAITH that the rest of the world will feel something the same way that we do that makes us stay still and feel peace, and so they will as well.

Let’s relax and let our encouragement come from our Higher Self. In the meantime, we have given Jill another tome to insert into this page so that you can have something to read or contemplate if you prefer to focus on something else for a moment during your current circumstance where there might be a state other than peace that you call home.

Leave it to your own self to wonder – to contemplate – how you can stay connected to Source in your own way, and then leave it to Jill to continue to regurgitate all that we have poured onto her from Source so that she can stay sill (even though she still refuses to meditate without some nudging from her Higher Self some days) and hold the feeling of truth of Oneness with Source for everyone – every being – who is of this world. It is truth, and whether or not you resonate with what we put you in touch with by reading these pages, you will come to truth in your own way if you just wonder if it is possible.

So, stay in touch, stay safe, and be responsible for what you choose so that others can feel safe when they are around you or they just experience your emanation as a part of the collective that occupies this space of the lower realm of consciousness in this display. Keep it together – we want this all for you so that you can come to know or recognize yourself as Source. This will make more difference to this lower world than you would ever be able to contemplate or gain knowledge of.

Thank you, and now get on with your day. We get to be playful as well! Stay in truth as much as you feel drawn to or want to, and then just make the rest of your day normal to you.

Blessings in truth and faith…


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Staying Centered in Peace during a Pandemic

15 March 2020

ACCEPT that your higher heart can look around and just state that everything is in perfect order, even when your Lower Self cannot gain control of anything it feels about what is going on around it. Your Lower Self may seem to panic, but your Higher Self (or your higher heart) KNOWS how to gain control by making you not panic when you sense another’s pain or ill-health. There is a way that the Higher Self just KNOWS that everything will be okay, even when the Lower Self knows that it is not okay in its world.

So, how do we explain the difference? It’s hard to say it in words, actually, because the Lower Self knows how to control what it wants to say, and if it wants to say that we should all panic and dismiss the common-sense of our Higher Self that it is all going to be okay, then it will gain control – there is no other way around it. And so, that is why we have not come to try to control what the Lower Self will say or how it will handle its panic or its will to make the world health problem (or anything else it doesn’t want to handle) to go away.

Right now, we all want control. I can see very few people who don’t want to panic, and panic is one way that our Lower Self or our brain thinks it can gain control over any given situation. It DOES NOT WANT to give up control by learning to meditate in response to our panic or our fears over our lower state over which we have no control, anyway. In other words, your Lower Self will fight back when you first start to negotiate with yourself to go and meditate rather than panic or feel a sense of loss of control in some way. This is normal, and we cannot overstate it enough that we are not trying to control your panic – that is for some other health professional to help you to negotiate. What is our objective then? It is simply to help you to control how you want to negotiate between your Higher and Lower Self so that you will not panic and throw out your higher state in order to go into your survival mechanism of your Lower Self. 

If you throw out your higher state – that which you have worked so hard to identify and maintain in this lower world somewhat - then you will not have control of your/our fate, which is just ACCEPTANCE that this world is out of control but it does not control our sense of Oneness or where we will go once we are no longer of this lower state of self-consciousness, either in our physical self or in how we perceive of ourselves in this world.

You are part of the Oneness, no matter what, and that is the ONLY WAY that we are going to learn to control this Lower Self/state so that it doesn’t get away from ourselves and gain control in a way that we will feel we have no control over.

This state of the virus just mimics what goes on within the Lower Self when we think we have control of ourselves. It just runs amok until nothing of our Lower Self feels like it is within our control, anyhow. Government agencies will shut everything else down other than essential services, leaving everyone else to wonder how to cope. That is how our own individual Lower Self operates, anyhow. It wants control and so it creates chaos so you can think that you gain control over yourself when you learn to mitigate your special circumstances or to just allow your life to grow and propagate the successes you want to have in your own way or the way that you share them with someone else. It is all false, but that is not what we want to go into right now.

We want to talk about control – how you can have control in your way of your Higher Self and how it wants to have control by total acceptance of your Lower Self or state, including your health or your house or your jobs, and so on. Your Higher Self just doesn’t know you as an individual, and so it doesn’t want to help you to control the dust (as we would call it) or the individual aspects of the life that you now know as yours. It simply wants to stay knowing itself, and this is how we will regain control of our lower self in some way, anyway. The more we want to stay with our Higher Self and how it wants to know where we are original and are part of the Source or the concept of Oneness that we now know is ours, the more the Lower Self does not want to know itself as an individual, and will not rock and roll with as much drama as it did before, even in moments of crisis or significant loss of another soul on this earth.

It’s important to state that this loss of another individual is not of our control either. We can’t know the plan the soul will create of when it is going to leave this dust or the illusion of the Lower Self. That is not what our state – the state of Oneness or the collection of consciousness that represents what it wants to say – is aware of or concerned with. Our only goal is to help you to maintain where you are aware of your higher state – of where you are of or are one with our consciousness, and I want you to know right now that we are not going to go away just because you want a loss of control of your higher state in order to go and panic and look after everything else in your lower way.  At no point do we want to interfere with your Lower Self or make it less practical that you look to us rather than to what you want to control of your health or your lower state in any way possible that makes you feel more secure. Our role is simply to remind you of your Higher Self during your process, and to remain present as a forum without obstacles to access, for whenever you want for your lower way to take a pause or to infused with your more normal state of your Higher Self.

Now, our other objective, and perhaps our most important reason for reaching out to you in this forum, is just to say that our presence – YOUR PRESENCE – where we are one, is the best way to lift this lower state back to a sense of normalcy in some way. The ONLY way that we can be of service to someone is to remember that they are not their Lower Self in the way that they now know. They are ALWAYS of where they are one with the Source – for now, forever, and there is no other way to state that we are of where we are one or of this Source, except to say, for all. 

It is impossible to reason with this Lower Self of why it is important to reason with this Source. We only know that there is this pull to remember that we are whole in some way, and that is enough for now for you to pause from this pandemic to remember your Source and where we are One and how we can accept that everything is perfect – not in a paradise sort of way – but that there is a bigger picture of how we want to stay awake in a world that does not want to remember its Source, as a whole – and we can help this entire world to elevate to whatever it wants to know of its original consciousness where there is no division and none of the world would be suffering in our perception.

It’s important to remember that not everyone will want to remember this way – not even every individual whose sole life purpose was that they were sent to remember where we are One on behalf of every individual who does not want this for their life purpose or their lower way in this world – and that it doesn’t matter one bit who or what wants to remember where are more than this individual we now know is at the surface of our consciousness more than anything else. When we remember the Oneness – when we remember where we are one with Source – there isn’t any individual who will suffer, because there isn’t anyone who will witness themselves as separate from Source. That is just a fact that most people don’t want to play with, and so they remain on the surface as the most important part of our state. That is fine for now, and it must never be forced to make them have our way of recognizing that they are so much more than their surface where they are a face with an individual life purpose, and so on. What matters is that YOU feel drawn to staying aware of yourself as Source – as the Oneness – with a sense of a life purpose of staying that way so that someone else can remember it as well.

Times of crises serve as a reminders that we were sent to serve this way, but it is no more important to remember this sense of service now when things appear to not be going our way, as it is when things appear to be going well or our way of enjoyment of life at the surface.

These are times that serve as reminders. There are times when things are joyous that should serve to remind us to be of service as well, but we tend to be in so much more enjoyment of these moments at the surface, that we don’t want them to go away and so we don’t remind ourselves to meditate or pray, lest they become less joyous when we remember that all is well simply because we are of the Oneness and nothing else.

And so it is, that this message will serve as a reminder of how to find yourself today, more joyous than any individual on earth, and more momentous in the way that we want to be of service than anyone could possibly imagine from their physical self.

When you sit in the Oneness and you just want to observe it in the way that we meditate and experience its presence in our way, you can take a moment to ask how you may be of service in the physical way as well. It will lower your vibration once you take your mind off of the Oneness, but you will want to be of service in the physical if you are more of our way, anyhow, and then just enjoy the moment when you return to the surface and for a moment remember where you are more of our way before the ways or consciousness of the world comes crashing down and collapses that sense of Oneness. In that moment – in the moment that you just reach for where you are not of crisis because you are of the Oneness, because of where you can perceive where everything is perfect  even if you don’t know how to explain it in the more physical way – you have done more service to this world than you could possibly understand, anyhow.

I thank you for this service, and I wish for each and every one of you to be blessed simply because you want to ignore your lower way for one moment in order to remember your higher state or sense of service from your Higher Self in whatever way you know how or want to participate with.

This is the time to serve as a reminder of what we came for.

Remember your health, of course.  This method or reminder is in no way meant to interfere with the practical side of your life’s maintenance. Just surrender and remember that you are so much more than your individual voice or your sense of wanting to help from your Lower Self. Stay inside, yes, but stay inside of yourself while you stay inside of your house, and just ask or pray, “How can I be of service to the Source/Oneness on behalf of everyone else?” and then see what is your answer.

Stay in silence, that is the best way to bestow this service in the way that is known as the Oneness or where you are your highest state. Stay of this service and be of benefit to others in a way that they may never know you participate with, before you go outside of your house and participate in the more normal way of your lower self.

This is our best advice for you to stay in a sense of service and to know yourself as your Higher Self where there is no chaos or need to panic in order to keep everything perfect. It already is perfect, and I want you to know this, not because I say so, but because you KNOW it in only the way that you can.

And so, it is…

Stay safe,


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