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Higher Self Consultant and Coach

Medium and Energy/Holistic Health Practitioner

About Jill Joblonkay

Jill has an unusal practice.  It is difficult to put a label on it because it is not something we see everyday.  She is used to her new occupation, but for others, it can take some getting used to seeing or experiencing.

Often with her eyes closed, though sometimes open, Jill speaks from the highest consciousnes which is available to humans.  She enables you to have a conversation with your Highest Self through her.

Our messaging often comes out in the form of coaching - preparing you to open up and perceive or accept that you have the highest consciousness the same as she and every enlightened being who has ever walked the planet.

There is no great mystery to recognizing our highest consciousness - you just have to want to be it.

Jill helps you to relax and engage with your Higher Self,  discovering your life purpose. Through her being, having this very simple conversation will offer evidence of your life's calling.  Her main role is to give you confirmation of what you have already been feeling, and then to offer ways around any blocks you have to achieving your highest state of consciousnesss and fulfilling your life purpose to share it.

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