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Oneness Coaching Session

In person, FaceTime, Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, or phone.

Oneness Coaching Session

Contact Jill to discuss how many people you would like to attend.


Please specify to Jill before your appointment begins if you are interested in her services as a Medium during your session.


Designed to help you to explore where you are your Higher Self and what your opportunites are to find your life purpose through it.

Energy Practitioner

In person or long distance.

Holistic Health Practioner

Certified Reflex Therapist.

Including: Su-Jok, a Korean Reflexology; Reflexology of the foot, hand, head, ear, and/or face.

What Jill's clients are saying

When I "accidentally" met Jill, I had forgotten so much of myself. She's a gentle catalyst for my remembering who I truly am and why I am here. Jill's gift is being able to fully see me, to remember my true self.

Michael Menchetti, Hawaii, Hi, USA

I have had the honour of receiving guidance and coaching for many years with Jill.  Jill has a natural ability to teach us how to remember we are not separate from source.  Through this remembering she then guides you on a path of why choosing to be connected to source and your own inner wisdom is a true gift and responsibility.  With all of the modern day distractions, staying in the oneness all the time has its challenges.  Jill really teaches the importance of finding the middle and helping you create balance in your current life situation.  If we are aligned with oneness we are living our life from our soul's desires.  No longer are we making decisions that operate from our unconscious human mind.

Jill and I were able to travel to Sedona for a few days to remove the distractions of life.  This is when the lightbulb came on for me.  She taught me how to get out of my own way.  My spiritual growth has allowed me to see life in a new perspective, allowing my own inner wisdom guide my decisions, and for this I am truly blessed and fortunate.  Thank you Jill for your openess and love to guide me to the light and help me on my journey.  This knowledge is allowing my journey to unfold in a whole new way.

Shannon M., Calgary, Alberta, Canada

The work of the Higher Self is joyful. It is a lot of work, but it is worth the effort put forth to embrace our higher calling to remember the Oneness and that we are a part of it. It is joyful to remember one's self as a part of something far more important than what we think about ourselves or our tiny lives here on earth. It is important that we want for something more for someone else in order to remember ourselves. Without remembering our worth as a practioner of the Higher Self for the Oneness, we forget what is really important to us, our service work. Once we set out to remember ourselves as an agent of service, we not only remedy our sense of loneliness but our low sense of self-worth. This work is so important because it is helping other people to remember themselves as a part of our family where we are all connected. The Higher Self remembers this work of its service because it is innate in what it wants to accomplish, for the Higher Self never wants to focus on itself only. It wants to return to a sense of gathering in what we consider our only worth. Once you feel you have done something important by putting in the work to remember your innate worthiness in that we are all born perfect as a representative of the Oneness, you will not feel as lonely, and I dare say you will start to feel fulfilled based on its own merit - that YOU discovered your worth through your own connection with your highest. 

 No one else can tell you how this should work. You only need this service from Jill if you need encouragement or to borrow our version of how to move forward with this. If you feel a calling to remember where you are connected and to lift that feeling of where you are lonely and can't remember your worth, and also to borrow our sense of Oneness until you can link with it yourself, then call Jill and make an appointment. Otherwise, just listen closely to your inner calling and don't make anything more important. Take the time to bookend your day with a little prayer and meditation to remember your Oneness - to remember your worth - to build a bridge to where you reconnect with your life purpose to remember this so that other people will benefit and they won't feel so lonely or not remembering their worth. It is important, and these are the services I offer to facilitate those who feel called to do this work in whatever way their Higher Self wants to perform it. Feel blessed that you have this calling because it is not easy work, but you will feel so fulfilled once you announce that you are no longer lonely because you remember your sense of purpose that needs to be fulfilled simply by wanting this work. 

 I cherish the time we have together to fulfill where you want to remember you are OF this work. I feel so amazingly blessed when I am in the field of the Oneness - guided to say these words - there is nothing like it. The feeling of loneliness tends to return when I'm not cognizant of remembering my worth and wanting more of it based on my efforts of connecting with the Oneness or Higher Self for the benefit of everyone else. I am prepared to teach many people how to offer these same services and, hopefully, help them tailor their work to their own specific branch of these services. 

 No one should be without their life purpose. If you feel your calling and you just want for confirmation, we can also make that work. I remember the Oneness and I pass on its words as best as I can so that you can have a direct conversation with your Highest Self through my body. Again, I feel so blessed. It's not a direct science and it's not complicated enough for anyone to try to understand how it works. It's just a very simple exchange of precious information through our consciousness that is forever linked and can never be separate. 

 Welcome back to your purest and truest consciousness. Our best work is to plant ourselves firmly in the Middle of our Higher and Lower Self awareness and call this "good work!" Let me know if you need assistance. - Jill

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