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Blog Entry  26/11/21

Assessing Your Worth from Perspective of Higher Self

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Choosing Oneness Over Soul and Spirit

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My Daily Choice

Blog Entry  24/11/20

Why the Oneness is Important

Spe​aking from the Oneness: videos or blog


Peace is the only thing that matters.  The way to achieve peace is to accept that everything is perfect as it is.  Will you try it?  Will you let yourself experience the peace which is the bridge back to where we are all one consciousness trying to accept ourselves as the Oneness?

The Only Way Back to Ourselves

The only way back to Oneness is to wonder where you begin.  Won't you try this?  Accept that you are of the Christ Consciousness to begin with - that you are the beginning consciousness of all that is and that you were never separate from it.  It takes no more than wondering about where you begin for you to find it and to recognize your original consciousness.  Welcome back.

Recognize Yourself

REMEMBER who you are.  You are the Oneness, Holy Spirit, Christ Consciousness, and the Source.  These are all aspects of the Self, which cannot be separated any more than a ray could be separated from the sun.  It matters not how you entitle each aspect.  You are the Source, you are it's creation, and you are the consciousness that is its mode of communication.

Projects for Peace

There is nowhere where peace isn't.  It isn't evident, however, when we look at ourselves as just another person.  Our Lower Selves are made of chaos because they forget where we begin - they forget that we begin with the presence or source, from which this all emanated.  It wasn't intended to be a project of Source to create all of this.  The lower consciousness kicked in and made it its own project to remember itself as perfect.  It wanted to perfect its individual consciousness where it is of a lower source.  It wanted to remember that it was magnificent, only it wanted to remember this in its human skin and not where it is closer to Source.  Where you and I begin is quite magnificent and no longer needs human skin or our self-recognition as an individual to acknowledge this.  When you are longing for something higher - something more important in your individual existence - it is because a part of you has already awakened to this knowledge that you are not this.  You are not this individual and you are not its pain contained within its skin or its lower consciousness where it is mental.  You are so much more.  And yet, once we begin to acknowledge that we aren't this lower consciousness, we often struggle because we can't quite acknowledge ourselves as Source.  We feel a loss of consciousness, in other words, rather than feeling refreshed because that "so much more" that is ourselves as Source, has awakened and thus recognizes how simple it is.  Pure presence.  No stress.  No individual accomplishments to consider or build toward.  Just simple consciousness or awareness at its best.  Who would have thought that was so difficult to accept?

Always Reach for the Highest

Whatever your practice, whatever your belief system, whatever you do in life, period - reach for the highest consciousness or sense of a Source that you can think of or are comfortable with.  Doing so is your innate protection for yourself, your clients, and anyone you share yourself with.  When you focus on your heart centre - which is actually the home of the highest form of consciousness there is - you automatically ensure that you are reaching for the highest form of guidance you can offer from yourself.  Be prepared for it to not sound like your self is the one who is the highest consciousness allowed on earth, but it is.  You will come to know yourself as this more and more, the more you relax and just open up to it and ACCEPT that it is this simple to be one with the Source and build this bridge toward your Lower Self so that it can want to remember itself as Source or to WAKE UP to this.  It's perfect no matter what you refer to as Source or your highest aspect.  Just WANT to reach for this heart of all that is, and you will find yourself as the Source of all of this and the bridge that connects us all back to it.

The heart is where we remember that we are this lower consciousness or Lower Self and it is where we remember that we are of Source.  It is the connecting consciousness, or bridge, between the Higher and Lower Self.  The heart is somewhere in the Middle.  It is the perfect consciousness to remember yourself as Source and everything that sprang from it.

Higher Self / Oneness, Consultant and Coach

Making your journey to your Higher Self more playful and safe!

A Session with Jill

Jill speaks directly from her Higher Self - from the aspect of the Holy Spirit, the Christ Consciousness or the Oneness. Resting her own mind and knowledge, she transfers this information to assist you in awakening to know that everything is already perfect - it's already in it's perfect state to help you to know your Higher Self and your life purpose to share it.

Some might call it channeling or giving a reading, and although she does occasionally incorporate mediumship into a session, it really is just a very normal form of communication from our higher reality.  Jill's notion is to reach for the highest on all occasions.  She begins to speak from there, quite rapidly, often not knowing what she is saying - merely being a witness to the words she is saying.  She is very comfortable with it after many years of practice.  It can seem a bit strange to witness one who has this ability, but is it?  Jill's goal is to ensure that everyone who wants to have this ability can have it.  It's an innate part of our own communication system.  It's not a gift.  Some are born to quest for this connection and to share it.  This is all this is.  

Jill's Clients

Each one of us is making the journey toward our Higher Self - our innate ability to see ourselves as whole, complete, and part of the Oneness. Where we expand our awareness from our normal lives is where we can state that we are on the journey to our Higher Self, and that we are making it well known to ourselves and others that this is our true normal state. We are meant to link to our Higher Self - to our more normal state - to enrich the lives of others so that they may come to know their Higher Selves as well. When we find our more normal state, we will realize that we are actually somewhere in the middle from what we have known about ourselves all of our lives. We will become more playful because we can rest in the knowledge that we are so much more than our Lower Selves where seemingly all we do is struggle. Welcome back, and come to know your higher state where you are comfortably somewhere in the Middle Self, with so much awareness of your everyday state, and also of where you are a part of the Oneness we all are. Now, let's play!

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