What is our Higher Self, and why is it important that we challenge our Lower Self to invite it in?
If you want to achieve a state of Oneness with all that is, it is important that you let the Higher Self in to have a conversation to build a bridge between our ultimate state of Oneness and where we consider ourselves to be an individual on this planet.
The Higher Self doesn't want to have this conversation - it doesn't know that we think of ourselves as somehow separate.  The Middle Self can have this conversation.  It can invite the Lower Self in to reassess where it thinks of itself as somehow separate - somehow less than being a part of all that is. The Lower Self doesn't want to have this conversation either.  It doesn't want to think of itself as anything but an individual person and is concerned only with its own interests on this planet.
Let's start a conversation between all aspects of the Self, learn about that aspect of the Self that can open up a conversation between where we are our highest and lower selves, and learn how to speak from your Higher Self.
Sunday August 12, 2018@ 7:30 pm

Guest Trance lecturer

@ Calgary First Spiritualist Church


Here on these pages, we will start a discussion and a process of self-discovery for those who came to this life to be free in the self-recognition of all they can be when they understand that they are so much more than a human being.
Welcome to your higher state, and feel free to make the pronouncement that you too are the holy and higher spirit, whatever you choose to call it. You are the infinite Oneness, resting in a dream of being a separate consciousness. Come and recognize your higher calling to set your human spirit free to be the gift of consciousness to help others get started on their calling of returning to the ultimate Oneness.
I want to create an environment where it is safe for others who want to be their fullest expression of peace. I want to help them recognize the peace they always were - the peace they didn't know they can be - and I want to create a safe passage for them to their higher dream, to be all they came to be within their current dream.
The information presented on these pages has been given to me by what I perceive as Jesus as well as my aspect as the Highest Self, Holy Spirit, and Christ Consciousness. The voice of the Holy Spirit, as presented through and with my being, has been written in the way that I am to pass on this information. It is a difficult form of study, but if you are drawn to its messages, the study will help you to access your higher form of being. This study is not for everyone, and it certainly does not mean that those who are not drawn to its study are not their higher form of being. It just means that I present this information as my own experience with the Holy Spirit or Christ Consciousness (which for our purposes are often interchangeable), and leave it up to you to decide if this information is applicable to your own life's calling.
I believe we are all capable of accessing and recognizing ourselves as our highest form of information (the Holy Spirit), and are capable of spreading this information from our highest form of being (the Christ Consciousness). This is my way. I help others to find their way that they are most capable of accessing their highest form of being and its information but, again, this does not mean that this is the only way. Everyone is capable of discovering their highest form of being for themselves. All that matters is that we reach for it.
This information is not meant to cure you or to direct you in any way that is supernatural. This information, should you be drawn to it, is simply to help you to realize that you are so much more than where you are physical, and that some of us have incarnated simply to remember this. Again, what you make of this information is up to you. Everyone is capable of recognizing their spirit. This is what I choose to call it and how I choose to present its material. The rest is up to you!