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Jill's Journey

Constant Peace

I must say, if someone had helped me fully understand what they meant by "constant peace" when I first started this journey, I'm not sure I would have stuck with it. 
When I come to accept, even for a moment, that everything is perfect as it is - nothing changes.  Nothing except for how I feel about the situation.  When I first started this journey, I expected that everything in my life would be different.  I didn't have specific expectations about what that would be, but I expected great physical changes in my environment, physique, etc. - everything that a little mystic could dream of, I suppose.  But, that didn't happen.  Not only am I in the same physical situation I was in when I started this rapid progression towards ever-present peace, but in some situations I would have to say that I have, in fact, slid backwards downhill.  In fact, I have skid marks all over my body from the number of times I've gone soaring seemingly backwards.  So, was it worth it - all of these changes that I've made in my consciousness?  Hmm... let me ponder that for a bit.
Unequivocally yes.  There is nothing that can compare to the changes I have made in my consciousness and how I see this mess we seem to have gotten ourselves into.  In fact, I'm teetering on the edge of not seeing this existence as such a mess - I'm bordering on seeing its beauty - not for what it is - I still see it as waste of consciousness that must be digested - but for the endless opportunities it provides us to seek a connection with our higher selves.  And this is how I see it.  Rather than a factory of waste and frustrating moments watching other people waste their opportunities, I now see it as a factory or unlimited opportunities to call in the holy and higher spirit and make it a part of your everyday experience here on earth.  I now see it as a glorious opportunity to process all of the information of our higher spirit, and simply let it pass like waste.  The earth experience is glorious when you use it for this purpose - not for a higher pass to our spirit - but to give our higher spirit a pass to come on down and change this lower part of our consciousness.  And that, to use the word again, is glorious.
So, how do I stick with it when I'm so busy making sure I don't slip further into the abyss of the physical part of the human experience?  I simply take the time to let the holy and higher spirit in.  I am working with it to be able to pronounce that I am the Holy Spirit - to let that veil continue to thin between my consciousness and it.  I have come to understand that we are all of the Holy Spirit - we are all of its consciousness and we can all think like it.  This is what being a part of the higher consciousness is.  We can call its awareness into our own form of consciousness and wear it like a second skin where we don't even notice it.  So this is what keeps me advancing forward with it.  Just when I feel like I took a tumble backward, I realize it was only to make my advancement more noticeable.
I even got to practice letting go of the belief system that all growth comes from suffering.  In some moments of physical happiness - when I felt like I was surrounded by absolute beauty, I remembered that I am still NOT THIS!  I AM NOT THIS PHYSICAL BODY THAT LINKS ME TO THIS LOWER CONSCIOUSNESS - I am all that is.  I am all that ever was or ever will remain.  This is it.  This is as good as it gets.  So now, if I can only remember this in all my moments of physical beauty when I am intent on remaining in physical suffering because I am somehow attached to remembering that moment as perfect because of its physical qualities, it will be perfect.  Then I will no longer have a belief system that suggests that something is perfect because of the relief it projects onto my physical existence.  Then I will no longer live in the denial that physical beauty is of the illusion and I should just let go of it.  Then I will know the open-ended experience of the Holy Spirit that is in constant satisfaction with all that is because all it knows is that everything is perfect.  It can't see a separation between that or this in order to project an opinion of what is perfect and what is less than beauty.  When I refuse to succumb to my constant suggest that I know what physical beauty is, then I will know what is perfect.  Then I can suggest that the Holy Spirit and I really are one - that I think like it, because I know it.  If we truly all are one, or are born of oneness, then nothing can be separate to be seen as anything less than beauty.
I fully support my decision to go ahead with this journey to finalize my commitment to seeing what I know, in the back of my head is true - that all is beauty - that nothing can be physically perfect because nothing is permanent and everything that is temporary eventually loses its sunset.  I just have to take a moment to assess my skid marks as part of my physical beauty - as part of the charm of a journey well travelled.  And then, when I remark that I didn't have to go to such a difficult journey to achieve it - then I will know it is perfect - then I will know that I am one with the Holy Spirit.
Does it get any more perfect of a journey than this?