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Jill's Journey

Grand Awakenings Spirit Fair

Last week I hosted a "Spirit Fair" for the participants of my workshops (Teaching Peace:  Developing Your Spiritual Gifts and Talents) and meditation/development circles in Invermere, BC.  For the past 5 months, I visited their quaint mountain town and witnessed a lovely group of people grow in leaps and bounds with their spiritual gifts and talents.  Their willingness to try new things and to put themselves in a vunerable position by sharing their talents with others was inspiring.

Why I Meditate

The basic premise of meditation is to find a place where I can resonate - where I can exist - as close to my original consciousness as possible.  Every time I find a quiet place to exist, I come the closest to my original form of existence.  Nothing else could mimic my original form of existence.  Why I meditate in my particular way is because I was given this meditation from a higher consciousness than where I currently recognize I exist.  This constant meditation allows me to remember where I originate from.

Constant Peace

I must say, if someone had helped me fully understand what they meant by "constant peace" when I first started this journey, I'm not sure I would have stuck with it. 
When I come to accept, even for a moment, that everything is perfect as it is - nothing changes.  Nothing except for how I feel about the situation.  When I first started this journey, I expected that everything in my life would be different.  I didn't have specific expectations about what that would be, but I expected great physical changes in my environment, physique, etc.