The Process
The process for recognizing yourself as the highest being that a human is capable of representing is simple.  You must simply want it.  If you cannot recognize where you want to represent your highest self – whatever you call it – you must simply call on what you recognize as your highest representative to help you with the process.
In my process, my highest representative of what is possible for all humans, is Jesus.  He came in as a form of the Highest Self – a common representative for all that is possible within a human presence.  He has taught me that each human presence – each human being – is capable of wanting to reconnect with their Source, whatever that is to them.  I see it as One Source – one source of consciousness, from which the concept of being human was created.
I don't think of it as an accomplishment to be a human being, except to recognize that where we are human is where we can accomplish a reconnection with our Source of being human.  Each human has become individualized to the point where they no longer recognize they are more than human.  People speak of their spirit, but so often they still distinguish themselves as separate from their Source.  I wish to reiterate that all are capable of recognizing themselves as being so much more than a human being - as being one with Source, if they want to accomplish this.
Some who are born as human, much like Jesus, have come into being human with a specific task of accomplishment to reconnect to their desire to be more than human.  Does this sound confusing?  I wish to simplify this accomplishment.  If you wish to recognize yourself as more than human – if you wish to recognize your spirit, then you have already accomplished recognizing yourself as so much more than human.  You have already come as close to accomplishing reconciliation with the Holy Spirit, Christ Consciousness, and ultimately the Source, as is possible for anyone who is born of being human.
Before you came into being human – before you set about to accomplish recognizing you are one with your Source – you were born of our aspect.  What this means is that you were not born out of the request to be human, but out of the request to recognize your Source.  Being born to be of a human, is a different sort of path to recognize your Source.  Our path was to recognize where we are not born human, and so can automatically give up the gift of being born human to simply be one with our Source.
So many people spend their entire lives searching for so much more.  They cannot accomplish their truest desire to be more than where they are human, because they are searching for it on the outside in the material world.  We are searching to be so much more where we are not materially human. Once we realize we are capable of spending time with where we are so much more than our human shell, we automatically give up the quest to find so much more where we are materially human.
Then, our lives become more on track with our Source – with our special project of why we came.  We feel like we are so much more, and yet we are still human.  We have not given up our human package or the families and events that frame our lives - we just know that we are so much more than human.  We are just assured that our lives are not defined by where we are fallible as humans.  We start to feel a sense of accomplishment, and then our desire to be so much more in our human lives begins to lessen, and we start to feel at home – perhaps for the first time in our lives.
So, where do we start to recognize that we are so much more than human while we live our human lives?  Where do we find this magic door that will show us to our Higher Selves, and thus to our higher lives?  It is not magic.  It is found within where you are human.  When you close your eyes and you ask for our help, and then you imagine a door opening within where your human and your Higher Self connect – your heart – then you are automatically so much more than human.
Our lives are not so complex that we cannot open the door to where we are human with a simple imagination.  I offer you an imagined connection between the higher and lower self, where the Higher Self begins to download its information into the Lower Self that is willing to hear such information – for truly, every Lower Self wants to know itself as more than human; it is just lost in its lower imagined world – so far from being able to imagine itself as so much more than human, its Original Self.  The Lower Self wants to lessen its impact on itself – it wants to stop the madness it has created around itself – it just doesn't know how to imagine itself as so much more than human, or that it is so SIMPLE to imagine itself as so much more.
So again, I offer you this very gentle mode to imagine where you are so much more than human.  The rest will take care of itself.   All it requires is that the Lower Self wants to see know itself as more than human – as more than its Lower Self that is lost in the confusion of this lower world.  And, if it wants to accept this valuable impression from its Higher Self, it will turn its thoughts in the proper direction to recapture this connection and make it permanent.  There is nothing more one needs to do to recapture this connection with one's Original Self, than to have their desire for this reconnection make the request to one's Higher Self to help them to go higher in their imagination, and then sit back and listen.
The Original Self – that which we can describe as One, as Source, as all that was before we found a separate sense of self – does not know fancy communion; it only wants to know itself.  So, therefore, when you ask, "Why was I born?" you are automatically in touch with where you are so much more than human.  The Original Self – that which is so much more than human – can only want to keep itself intact.  This question, "Why was I born?", or "Why have I come?" is a similar representation of the act that keeps the Original Self intact.  So why does it need to be so much more to difficult than that to recognize one's self as more than human?
Do you see why you keep automatically asking yourself this original question, even if you did not know what it is for?  You asked to be so much more than human, or you asked to be one with the Original Self, but you did not know what this was for.  You thought it was because you were lost, but, in fact, it is because you are found.  This one act is the one act of the original self.  It just wants to know its original self.  But, where you are lost in your human self, you thought this quest for "so much more" was supposed to produce something fantastic where you are human, and so you lost that connection – you were no longer "intact" with your original thought system or quest to keep yourself together.  This simple question is the simple act of self-recognition, and it does not require a specific answer – it only requires one to look toward one's self to keep one intact with itself.
So, if you ask this simple question, and you wait for the answer, which is just as simple, then you will start to know yourself as so much more, and you will feel as if you accomplished your task as a human citizen.  For the act of self-recognition as being so much more than human, is self-recognition.  This is what the Higher Self is for; this is how it can act.  Anything else is an aberration.  When  you expect the highest consciousness to be so much more complex than this simple act of recognizing itself, then you will forget what it is for and you will not know yourself.  Return to this simple act, and suddenly you will know this sense of accomplishment.  You will have recognized yourself as the Source, as this sense of Oneness and all of its different aspects, including: its act of communication – the Holy spirit; its middle sense of self – the Christ Consciousness, where it is aware that it is so much more, but is also aware of its Lower Self; and the lower sense of self where it recognizes itself as only human.  You are every different aspect, but when you draw your consciousness to the Source – whatever you call it – we will all become of One Source of Consciousness – we will all become the middle sense of itself, primed to take the next step to ultimate Oneness, where there is no separate sense of self.
So, again, this all begins with a simple process to know the self:  Ask; imagine the Middle; relax, and let the Higher Self download its process.  Then sit back and feel the sense of accomplishment, even if you can't recognize it in your physical world.
The ultimate goal of this process is that the entire Lower Self where we are all human, will relax and simply know itself.  The rest takes care of itself.  When we are no longer determined to build a separate sense of self with a separate accomplishment, we all become of one Source.  We will all relax into our original Source.  Isn't that wonderful?  There is no greater act of service than this sense of accomplishment, for then we stop looking for that sense of accomplishment within this material self.  All else disappears with that sense of accomplishment.  All else returns to Source when it looks for itself in the middle.  Relax.  Return to Source.  Find yourself in the middle, and be proud of your accomplishment.  Do not look for it to be so much more – it is that simple.  It is a simple sense of accomplishment that will allow this world to relax and automatically loosen its skin to return to its original Source. 
It isn't a fancy project – it isn't a life purpose that is visible – but, it is SO MUCH MORE!  It is the only "more" that counts.  Once you have this sense of accomplishment – once you give yourself to feel a sense of accomplishment for something that is this simple – then you will know yourself once more.  Can it get any more simple than that?
Copyright © 2012 Jill Joblonkay