Spiritually Gifted or Sensitive Children
"The children who are gifted in spirit will want you to assist them in discovering their spiritual talents and to help them to use their gifts to their greatest benefit, along with their intent wish to be of service to this planet.  They are here to offer you the gifts of spirit, and should not present a challenge, but an overwhelming warming of the heart for all who are near them."
This is a section for the parents of children (or for the adults who were such a child) who are spiritually sensitive, or are aware that they are so much more than their human perception.  These children will often be spiritually talented in that they will see or communicate with spirit, but will also seem to be of a higher intelligence, and will seem to have an awareness that does not promote their age of innocence.  What you will find in these pages is assistance for those who are witness to these children and who are willing to help them to adapt to this environment where we are much lower in our spirit advancement toward our original spirit.  They are bringing in the information of the previous generations along with an enlightened source of information of what is present in your original spirit.  I hope the information you find in these pages will enlighten your sense of what is within your human spirit, and will have you helping these children who seem to be of a much higher spirit.  Congratulations if you have one of these children, for while all children are of a much higher spirit, these children have a specific intention to help you find your higher spirit within your human frame.  This is not something to ignore, for if you will retain your innocence of spirit as is visible in their frame, you will make the highest advancement within your human form.  You are all of this original spirit; let them help you remember your name.  I am your highest source and I want you to claim your original spirit - your original source.  Let these children help you to remember your source and why you came to be of service.
Inspired Writings Regarding Spiritually Gifted Children:

The Spiritually Gifted Children of the Next Generation
The spiritually gifted children of the next generation are already here in your minds and hearts.  They are having you prepared for what is to come within the next millennium, and they are helping you to prepare for an awakening of your consciousness within your human formation.  They are helping you to perceive of a world that is far beyond your consciousness of your human skin, and they are helping you to accept that you can be a part of this generation that is aware that it is not only of this human dimension, but is acutely aware that it is only of spirit.  Those who are aware that they are of this higher dimension while in their human skin, will often be given the gift of children who are from the higher dimension where all we are aware of ourselves is our spirit.  They will come in a gathering of common spirit, and will want to be of service to those who cannot remember that they are of spirit.  They have chosen your dimension because it is here where it is common that you do not remember that you are only of spirit.  These children will be coming into your imagination in spirit, and will help you to assess whether you want them to help you with your remembering of your spirit or your otherworldly intelligence.  Many of you are already aware of a child such as this, and may be experiencing raising a spiritually intelligent child right now.  It is for you and the parents of the generations that are to follow, that I provide this information.
These children will be providing a wealth of information though they may not be remembering why they came into human spirit.  They will provide a wealth of information simply with their imagining of a world that is much more patient with spirit, and they will host an outpouring of this imagination within their common formation.  These children have a talent for being one with heaven and for fostering this within their imagination and allowing this talent to present itself in one of many formations.  Some children will remember their fate by being a projection of a heavenly spirit.  Some children will present with the talent of remembering their spirit by being able to suggest when another heavenly spirit is present, and yet most will not say when an otherworldly spirit is present, for fear of recrimination from someone who does not possess this talent.  There are some who would not profess to have these talents for fear of what other children would say, but there are some of these gifted children who want nothing more than to share the information they have brought to say.  These children are our focus in this discussion, for if your child wants to share their talented information, then we need to create the forum for them to be able to feel safe. 
This feeling of being safe starts in the home.  There is much we could offer to this discussion of what the child who is here to express our higher dimension needs in order to feel safe to allow her or him their fullest expression, but for the moment we will concentrate on what the child wants in order to feel safe within their home environment.  The children who are here to offer us their spiritual talents just want your acknowledgement that, as their parent or spouses, you are here to commit to help them to feel safe.  If you were to consider what your role is in their spiritual journey, your role is to help them to feel safe.  They are so fully equipped to go on with this announcement of why they have come, that they do not need your help in their development – that will be taking place between them and the form their spiritual connection will take.
Your primary role in their development is to help them to feel safe, no matter what their spiritual situation or inclination is.  If, for example, your child announces that they are able to see a ghost, then perhaps the first thing you can consider is how to make them feel safe.  This does not mean that you ignore their announcement; this means that you help them to feel safe by developing their faith that they are from a higher source in which they are always safe.
When your child begins to express an interest in the spiritual dimension, you can help them to stay safe by making the pronouncement that this is a normal experience for most children, and that if they can close their eyes and pray for their angels or their highest representation of spirit to come forth, they can always stay safe.  You must make this pronouncement on their behalf until they can stay safe.  Your child will develop their own image of their higher spiritual director, but you can intervene on their behalf until your child can feel safe in making their pronouncement.  In other words, if you feel safe working with angels, then perhaps you can ask the angels to participate and to help your child to feel safe.  You must not make this pronouncement as if your child is in danger, but as a way to let your child know that there is always someone to participate and to help them to feel safe.  You must encourage your child to let go of its sense of danger and help her or him to participate where they feel most safe.  As I said, you can act on behalf of your child who is afraid to make this pronouncement, but you must let them participate with their highest form of spiritual guidance if this makes them feel the safest.  Your job is to encourage your child to ask for its highest form of protection, and then let your child intuit or receive in its perception that which makes it feel the safest.  Your child will not be asking for a lower form of protection, so you must not interfere with a child who requests for an otherworldly entity to help it feel safe.  If you are asking for their protection on behalf of your highest inclination for spiritual consciousness, your child will automatically be given this same protection, and the manifestation of that which makes them feel safe, will be presented in the formation of the spiritual guidance that is here to make them feel safe.  In other words, if you ask your highest consciousness to make you and your child feel safe, and then your child feels as if there is a protective elephant that is there to make it feel safe, simply go with this image until your child is no longer engaged with it.  Some of you will be of the practise to ask God to make you feel safe.  If this is desirable, then the same applies to the image that is directed to help your child feel safe – whatever appears after you make this request is perfectly acceptable.  The same applies to Buddha or to whatever saint you make a request to keep your child safe.  All are perfectly acceptable as all are just images of the one true consciousness that can keep us all safe – where we all are perfect consciousness.  This world is just a world full of images – all that matters is that your child finds the image that makes her or him feel the safest.
When you were a child you created these same images, only the child with a spiritual inclination may also have an entity to communicate with.  They will not merely be fantasies, but an actual image with a voice that can act as a companion.  This is one way to make your child feel safe within the home environment.
The other image that children tend to gravitate to most is the image of Jesus.  He tends to appear to most children who are here to spread the spiritual messages.  If your child states that she or he can see Jesus, then perhaps allow your child to participate in a discussion with Jesus on your behalf.  Instruct your child to ask Jesus how they can feel safe in any given situation, and this will give your child a direct link to her or his higher consciousness in a way that they can feel permanently safe with.  Your child has already made this link, so you did not ask them to link with something that is not of their consciousness.  This is important in allowing your child to express what is within their consciousness, and to not give in to some pre-formed idea that already exists within the human consciousness.  Your child must act as if it is the missing link to her or his highest form of consciousness, and the more you can direct your child to ask of its highest form of consciousness what she can do to make herself or himself feel safe, the more you will develop their link to their highest consciousness.  All you need to ask of your highest consciousness is that you feel safe with this engagement with your child; for if you don’t feel safe, neither will your child in this circumstance.  Come to your highest image of consciousness and ask them to help you feel safe.  A child in India is more likely to feel safe with this circumstance if it has within its religion a saint or an image that it can connect with.  If within your religion you have an image or intelligence that helps you to feel safe, then it is most important that you make contact with the image that makes you feel safe.  If you feel safe, you are more likely to perform this act of consciousness on your child’s behalf.  The more you allow yourself to feel safe with the form your child can connect with, the more your child will feel safe to offer her or his fullest expression of why she or he came to this human circumstance.
This is our first lesson in how to help your spiritually gifted or talented children to feel safe.  This does not apply to all children as of yet, only those who are expressing this talent in a way you feel safe with.  In other words, if your child does not express their natural spiritual talent on their own, then do not force them to look for it.  This is for the child who has already expressed that they have a natural spiritual talent and perhaps that they don’t feel safe. 
We will begin more discussions of your spiritually talented children and how you can make them feel safe in order that they may continue with their fullest expression of their talent.  This is only the first step, and I am making the introduction into how Jill can help you to help your child feel safe.  The most important thing is their home environment and that you are comfortable with their talents.   The rest is a wonderful exploration of why you have been given this special gift.
Jill is available for private consultations and will pass on the wisdom of her spiritual intelligence so that you can help your child to feel safe.
While Jill was not aware of her connection with Spirit when she was a child, she was an extreme sensitive and was never able to feel safe to be her fullest expression.  The world was overwhelming to her senses, and still she continues to develop habits and self-protection that allow her to be comfortable in any environment.  She is continuously working with her spirit connection to give her the instructions on how to improve her nervous system and to not be overloaded by the energies of those who are around her.  Jill receives a negative impact from someone who is in a negative space, and has worked diligently to be able to clear her space of their negative images.  This is a difficult process, and she would like to assist families in becoming more familiar with when there is an extremely sensitive child in their midst, to help reduce the impact before the child becomes unfamiliar with why he or she exists. 
We are fortunate in order to produce a consciousness that can help all who remain in human consciousness to feel safe.  When the world that is lost in human images fails to feel safe, it holds on tight to those images and never realizes its truest talent.  If we want to stay safe within our human consciousness, we must look in the mirror and find our truest talents.  If we are to stay here without self-destruction, we must look for where we are ever-safe.  Your truest consciousness is clear, and the more you practise its acknowledgement, the more you will want to stay here to allow the dream to lift until the entire consciousness is clear.  Those children who have come to stay clear that they are from beyond the illusion of what we have here, will want to stay safe so they can continue to allow the illusion or the dream to clear.   That is how we all stay safe, and that is why we are here.
Not to add to your confusion, but your children are your highest intelligence.  They come in as a clear mirror of where you can stay safe where there isn’t any confusion or lack of intelligence.  They come in as your way to stay safe.  It behooves you to help them to stay safe and as clear on their higher intelligence as they can.  You too are clear; you are just lost in your confusion.  Help them to stay clear without fear, and you will have done much to lift our confusion.