Jill's Special Project
Jill was introduced to the wisdom of the Holy Spirit in an unusual form.  She was presented with the information while she quested for personal peace, only to discover that there is no personal quest that can replace the quest for all encompassing peace.  She has been asked by the Holy Spirit to build a bridge of consciousness that will take us from our old concept of our place of birth of this earth's consciousness, into a new concept that we have never left our original consciousness.  There is but one step to ensure that we never could be separate from this original consciousness, and that is to engage with its concept that everything is perfect as it is.  If you can engage with this concept, then you can make it work - you can build a connection with your original concept, your original place of birth.  I hope to help you perceive of this original concept, and Jill has been given specific instructions as to how to help you accomplish this.
Your original place of birth is nothing more than a concept, for you could not possibly conceive of your original place of birth.  However, within your human mind you can convince yourself that you could not be separate from the ever-present peace which comes from being one with the original consciousness.  There is a regular practise of meditation Jill has been given, which will exceed your determination to be separate.  With a determination to discover how you could not be separate, you will in time rediscover this seemingly lost consciousness, and all will be returned to the original concept.
Do not expect more from this consciousness than it can be, and you will soon come to deliver your own form of this original consciousness in human form.  I offer you blessings on your misgivings about this original consciousness, and will help you to perceive that you can be so much more than this human formation if you will just concede that you must be more than this human form.
I will offer you this, that if you can believe there is more than your human formation or your human consciousness, you can bridge the connection with your original consciousness.  You are only present in human formation in order to recollect this original seed of consciousness, and you have already begun this journey if you are enjoying what you are reading in these pages.
I will help you to read between the lines of these pages and to reflect on this original seed with a very simple conscious meditation.  Come and recollect with me, and I will present you with your original form where no formation could be, only consciousness to perceive.
So congratulations, and I will leave you to peruse these pages and see what you can perceive of your own human consciousness on these occasions when you compare it with what you read of your original formation.
Jill has been given the task to present these conversations on occasion, and will post where she will be available for you to come and listen to what I present through her formation.  She will be open for some questions on these occasions, and though she cannot be me in her present form, she does her best to imitate me and bring through as direct of a communication as she can conceive of with her holy consciousness.  She will speak as if she is me, and if you will direct your communications to her human form, she will do her best to answer as me within her human form.  As I have said, I am the Holy Spirit's form of information, and I have come to be a direct link to your highest form.  Come and listen to what I can conceive of your human formation and how I can help direct your consciousness and help you leave the human consciousness as if it was a dream from which you must awaken. 
This does not mean you will no longer witness the human dream.  It does mean, however, that you will no longer need your human form in order to feel you have accomplished something within the dream.  And when you are ready to proceed to beyond the human form, then you will do so with the consciousness of peace, for there is no other form or place for you to be.
I welcome you to conceive of this concept of the consciousness of peace, and to come along and see what you can perceive when you agree you no longer need this human form in order to experience peace.  And then, see that to the degree you will no longer need your human form for accomplishments, is the degree to which you will begin to experience peace within your human formation.  You will, in fact, become me within the dream of human communication.
I am yours to perceive, and Jill will help you to agree with your higher consciousness that you can be me.  Come and witness this form and what it can be within the human dream, especially when we all come to reflect on the consciousness of peace.  I wish to help you relieve your common suffering through your common beliefs of the dream, and I wish for you to participate with me in relieving the suspicions that I can only be outside of the dream.  For who could believe that the best part of me is planted within each and every human consciousness within the dream and that I am the seed of what you can be when you turn your human form to face your larger dream of peace?
Let us be aware of your dream of human form, and let us practise the consciousness of peace within the human dream, for you are all of this consciousness of peace, which is the form the Holy Spirit wishes you to believe yourself to be.
Let us celebrate this new concept within the dream, and let us teach you how simple it can be.  Jill will begin to teach you with her simple plan.  I will be perceived within her form within the dream.  You will be witness to this form, and then will start to believe that you can also be this form within the dream.  It is a simple place to be, and you are entitled to this simple form of peace.
So congratulations on what you have begun to read.  There is so much more for you to perceive, and Jill and I will work to spread the information of peace - of what the Holy Spirit wants you to believe.  The Christ Consciousness is the human form of peace, and it is interchangeable within the dream as the holy form of Jesus.  On occasion, Jill will present this information as if she is me in the holy form of peace.  In the channellings, I will present the information through the voice of Jesus, and will continue to take your questions whilst in this formation.  Jill can present her holy form of consciousness or she can come through me.  It is an interesting situation to be in when you see her present either form of consciousness, but ultimately it is all anyone can be.  Anyone can present this form when they come through me, and she will not contend that this is a special form for only her to be.
She will help you to lift your consciousness to all that you can be within your human form, and she will help you elevate your expectations of this consciousness to peace.  She will help you practise with this most simple of meditations to be able to communicate with your highest form - your highest source of information - and she will help you to believe you can be me.
She is of this higher consciousness and can help you believe that so can you be if you are open to this form.  I will leave you to rest in the consciousness of peace when you come to me in this form of consciousness, and I will let it radiate from your chest to inform all that are within the human dream, that they are also of this consciousness of peace; for nowhere could you be separate from this original consciousness.
I will help you to practise until you can perceive you are this formation of the consciousness of peace, and I will help you to celebrate that you are this form along with me.
So let us be the consciousness of peace. 
Jill will also do private readings to help you perceive of your consciousness of peace.  She will help you to regain consciousness, so to speak.  She will help you to engage with the process for peace, and if this means that she needs to help you clear some remaining issues within the dream, then she will engage with your highest beings and will use mediumship to help you accomplish physical peace.  
Jill uses an advanced form of Spirit communication because all of her communications come through me.  She can process this communication from her highest place of being and can help you gain access to your highest form of communication with these spiritual beings.  They are present in many formations, and if you will ask them to be specifically of me, then they can all help lead you to your consciousness of peace, in whatever formation you are most comfortable being engaged with.  What matters is that you infuse your consciousness with the highest you can believe, and that will automatically have you engage with your consciousness of peace.
Whatever matter is pressing, Jill can help you process it with peace.  She can help you engage with your higher process for peace, and help you implement your belief that you can be me.  She is empowering in that she will believe in all that you can be, even if you are not able to accomplish this belief.  She will uplift your spirit because all she can see is that you are engaging with peace, and she will offer you a specific explanation as to how you can engage with your higher consciousness.  Do not expect miracles; those are of me.  But she will help you engage with all you can be and to lower your expectations that you need to be anything more than you can perceive within the physical dream.  So don't come with the expectations of what you perceive is peace, for you will miss this opportunity; but rather quest for the higher information of how you can change your perception of peace in this situation.  I promise you can engage with peace whenever you ask, "How can I bring peace to this situation?"  Just do not expect the answer to be how you would wish to engage with this, and trust that the answers will build the bridge for peace to all who are engaged with your current situation. 
If you have specific questions, Jill can help you formulate your answers based on your own innate wisdom.  She will not provide you with specific answers (although, on occasion, she will do so at Spirit's request to share specific information).  She will help you to listen to your own wisdom, and will introduce you to those who are with you in Spirit to assist and guide you on your quest.
On occasion, someone will be interested in following up with a series of one-on-one sessions to help them with their quest.  This is done on an individual basis, and will help them to be more specific in their quest for their talents to display the holy wisdom they came to demonstrate.  This is done upon request, but there will be more open demonstrations where Jill will teach a gathering how to prepare for their quest and how to engage with their innate wisdom.  Either is perfect.  There will also be occasions when a person only needs to hear the suggestion to look within for their innate connection to the Holy Spirit, and they will find this without Jill's suggestions.  It is all up to the individual and how they form their quest.
As I have said, the question should be, "How can I bring peace to this situation?" and you will know in what direction you should quest.  Take time to engage with this question, and you will know if Jill can help you in your quest or if you can find the answers within your own consciousness.
Thank you for taking the time to read this very lengthy explanation of Jill's relationship with the Holy Spirit and how it manifests as her life's occupation.  She is here to be of service, and is open to this form of communication to best present this new information at your request.
She finds this work challenging, and is constantly working on improving her own communication with her holy presence.  Let us lift you toward your higher consciousness.  On occasion, we will post a reference to this information.  You will be witness to a budding form of communication.  I hope you will enjoy this process.