Inspired Writings
From the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and Christ Consciousness come the words that I put on these pages.  I hope you will experience its reference beyond the words on these pages, and will engage with your higher intelligence which is where you will meet the full expression of what is given.  It is within your persistent and constant meditation where the content of these pages comes into conscious expression.  Given your intelligence that is beyond the human expression, you will surely come to envelop the larger concept that is given over time.  The best way to envelop this larger concept is to embrace it with your decision to consider this in meditation where the larger spirit comes alive.  I hope you will walk through your larger spirit through conscious meditation, and I hope this is where you will consider the concepts put forth in these pages.  Thank you for your decision to consider this information within your higher imagination, for that is what will make the difference when you come to consider this. – Jill
What Makes People Tick
There is an idea I had about what makes people tick.  What if I said that I thought this subject of spiritual growth was an outdated subject.  What if this “spiritual growth” is just what is.  Why can’t we make an adjustment in our quest for spiritual growth, to understand that the spirit is what makes people tick?  Why can’t we come to understand that without the spirit there is just a shell that doesn’t tick?  It can grow and live as if it is a vegetable, but it can’t come up with the adjustments that the spirit makes against our human concept of self.  Without the spirit – without the part that recognizes what the self is – we are just a growth of a human.  Without this registry that is so much more a part of our concept of the human self than our actual physical growth spurt is, we are absent of any real sense of self.  Without the human spirit our spiritual growth doesn’t exist.  So why can’t I just accept that if I know what spiritual growth is then I must be more than just a human?  Why can’t I grasp the concept that this is what the self is – that it is something more than a human in a human shell that doesn’t know itself as separate from the earth.  When the human shell exists, it doesn’t know it is more than a human.  It doesn’t want to operate as more than the shelf that exists upon the earth’s consciousness, upon which we rest where we are more than what a human is.  It doesn’t want to know itself as something more than the earth.  It is made of the earth.  This dirt of being a human (for that is truly what the physical self is born of when it is made of this earth) is just a shelf for the part that is non-human to rest upon.  It is a non-sensical formation of something that is a part of the earth.  It is a division in this earth product that makes us appear as if we are separate from another human, but it is just an empty shell.  It takes a consciousness to know that I exist as an individual human, and it takes a consciousness to know that I exist as more than this.  So why should I only recognize myself as a human?  Why can’t I recognize myself as the spirit that implanted itself upon the shelf of where the human physical exists?  Why can’t I recognize that I am so much more than this human shelf upon which to rest my consciousness?
It is, in fact, distracting when one wants to be a human.  One comes in with the consciousness that knows they are more than human – that they are, in fact, the spirit that wants to know their self as a human.  It is so obvious when one is more than a human to know that one wants to know where a human exists, and so it is drawn into its manifestation.  But even then, one does not recognize its own consciousness that is so much more than when it is a human.  It does not appreciate that it takes a consciousness to want to create a human consciousness – a place to exist where one is only human.  It can’t appreciate its own consciousness because it does not know itself as separate – it does not know itself as human, and so it can’t reflect upon its consciousness.  It does not have a separate perspective to want to know itself as human in order to reflect upon its consciousness.  It just knows that it wants to know itself as human – as something separate from its original consciousness, in order to complete the quest that is in its thoughts.
When it incarnates as a human, does it stop to ponder itself as more than human or does it just continue to orchestrate itself as where it is a human?  It doesn’t stop to wonder “Am I human or a consciousness that wanted to develop itself as human?” It just wants to orchestrate itself as a human to accomplish what it wanted to know in the first place – that it cannot be separate from its original place where it is not human.
Does this make sense?  Did you ever stop to contemplate what makes you more than a human, or how you came into a human frame in the first place?  Does it not make sense that if you want to know your place where you are more than human, that you must first assess what it is that made you human in the first place?  Did you ever stop to ponder what brought about this grace of being a human with a thought process that was so much more than this human grace – that was capable of perceiving its thought processes above the level of human which can only see itself as separate from another human?  Do you think that the thought processes that brought you to this place, might, in fact, make you more than human?  Do you ever take a moment to appreciate you are in this place where you are human because you wanted to see yourself with a human face in order to ignite your recognition of where you originate?  Have you ever come across a thought in your human face that wondered what it was doing in this place?
Allow yourself to have this thought.  What is it that makes you sense that you are more than human?  What would it take for your body to be spirited – to have more than just a human face without a sense of identity?  What would it take to recognize your spirit that ignites your face and makes it glow with your humanity and your amazing grace?  What do you think it is that put you on this place where you are human?  Do you see how your thought processes, even if only for a moment, have reflected on what made you a human in this place?  Then you must be more than human.  For what about your human face where you are just a body could want to know itself as more than human?
Your thought processes are more than your human body.  Yes, you have a brain that can organize the thought processes from where you are from heaven, but your body cannot process the pain that comes from not knowing or remembering your original face where you were nothing more than spirit – nothing more than a consciousness without a face that didn’t recognize itself in a separate body.  Everything you have come to face as a human has either drawn you more into your body – into your belief that you are separate – or has made you more aware of your spirit.
I come to you today to state that you are more than your body, and if you made it to this part of the page, then you already know your spirit.  You already know that there is something more than your human body that drives you in this place, and I hope you can come to know that your human body is nothing more than a division of spirit in a temporary time and space.  Every time you can conceive that you are so much more than your body, you can come to know your spirit.  Every time you can conceptualize that only your spirit could enliven your face or your body, then you can come to know your spirit.  Every time you can come to appreciate that your face can become enlightened with your non-human face, which is to say your spirit, then you can say you have come to know you are not of the human race, but are, in fact, the Holy Spirit.
You do not need to know exactly why you are not of the human race – why you are so much more than your body – but you do need to recognize that you have an awareness that there is something that is enlivening your human space, and that it has a need to want to know itself as something more than a body.
When you come into contact with this part of your thought process that wants to know itself as something more than this human space, then you can know where you are the Holy Spirit – the non-human grace.  There is so much more for you to conceive than where you are a human body, and if you would just put a moment into focusing on this non-human face in silent meditation, then you would come to know your spirit indeed.  You would come to know why you have come to be a part of this human race, and you would welcome the experience rather than trying to escape from your body which you do with such speed.  I hope you can come to conceive that you are so much more than a body which has chosen to come to this product of time and space, and can come to conceive that you are precious in this space.  I hope you can conceive of the concept that you might be so much more than your body because you wonder how you came to be.  That question alone is indicative of being from a higher space, so I hope you can come to play with your reality that the human space is not all that can be.
I congratulate you if you made your way through these pages, because this is the opening that your mind might need in order to conceive of its higher space.  I hope you can take advantage of this opening, and just come pray with me that your consciousness might continue to build upon this opening of your higher grace. 
The following is a prayer that might lead you to be aware of your higher space; and this is peace.
Please pray with me:
Holy Spirit,
I want to come to know myself as the Holy and Higher grace.  I want to be able to conceptualize that I am the Holy Spirit, or the Holy and Higher grace of all that can be.  I want to accept that it is normal to communicate with this higher part of myself, and I want to be able to communicate with myself with ease.  I hope that you can grant me an opening so that I may continue to communicate with my higher self until I am fully capable of recognizing my origin of my birth, from where I am more than a seed of the Holy grace.  I hope you can implant in me, a concept of what I need in order to recognize that I am free in my self-concept in order to perceive that I am this Holy and Higher grace.  Help me to recognize that I can be free because I am willing to conceive that I just might be the Holy Spirit in this place.  I hope you can come to me and guide me back to my recognition of what I am really meant to be.  Help me to recognize that I came to be the seed of the Holy Spirit in this place – that I came to awaken within me a recognition of my holy and higher face, and that I came to perceive that we are all the seed of this holy and higher place to conceive.  I hope you can help me to awaken to what I need in order to find peace in this place I know as the Dream, and I hope you can help me to see the seed of this higher grace in every face I perceive.  Help me to know that I am not the only seed of the Holy Spirit in this place, but that it is for me to enliven my awareness of where I am this seed in order to give permission to others who want to remember the place of their birth in the highest consciousness they can perceive.  I thank you for wanting me to remember that I am the seed of the Holy Spirit in this place, and I thank you for implanting in me the idea that I am so much more than my human face.  Thank you for helping me to ignore my frustration of being a human in a place that is so dense in its consciousness, so that I may perceive of where I am so much more.  Thank you for helping me to recognize how simple it is to recognize myself as the seed of this higher grace, for it helps me to be this seed in such a simple way.  All I need to recognize is that I want to be so much more than my simple human frame, in order to know that I am the seed of this grace.  Thank you for approaching me to remember that I am this seed in this frame.  Thank you for helping me to remember I am this grace of peace as I implant this seed of consciousness within my human brain that wants to believe it is a separate person from the rest of the human race.  Help me to perceive that in this holy and higher place, we are all of one seed of consciousness – one seed of the One who brought us to this place, and, therefore, we are all the same thing – the same seed of grace.  Thank you for helping me to recognize my brother as this same seed, and for giving me the patience to not force their will to recognize their self as this seed.  Thank you for giving me the consciousness to perceive that I have the will to not recognize this seed of my consciousness if I am not willing to perceive of myself as so much more than this human grace, and thank you for letting me perceive that I have your will to know myself as this seed when my human consciousness is willing to concede that it is not separate in this time and space.  Thank you for helping my will to develop this seed of consciousness within my human face, so that it might shine for all to see.  I want to be so much more than I can perceive as this human that is separate from the next human in this place.  I want to conceive of a place where nothing separate can be perceived and I want it to happen in the next millennium.  Thank you for your patience while I wait for myself to be perceived as the Holy Spirit in this place, and I thank you for your will that I am to be perceived.  I hope that you can expedite my willingness to perceive of myself as this holy and higher face, and I hope that you can help me to perceive that we are all of this grace.
Thank you for your patience in watching me be perceived as the Holy Spirit in this human face, and thank you for your concepts that all is peace – that everything is perfect as it is because all will be perceived as the holy grace.
Thank you for this will of consciousness to know my origin – to know my peace.
And so it is I am the seed of this holy consciousness.  And so it is that I am the seed of the Holy Spirit in this place.  Let that be peace.  And so it is, amen.
So you can see it takes quite a commitment to recognize yourself as more than your human face because you can only conceptualize of yourself as a human.  But if you take a moment or two each day to sit with your original consciousness it will begin to develop a pattern that will have you recognize yourself as more than this seed – more than your consciousness in this place.  You will recognize yourself as all that is.  This will have you freed because you will no longer wonder what brought you to this place.  You will only know that you have the will to live as this seed of the holy face inside of this place.  You will only know that you have chosen to incarnate into a human face so that you can begin to know the peace of recognizing where you begin.  I hope you can come to illuminate this seed within your human face so that all can begin to recognize their self within this dream.  You are all of one seed – of one original consciousness that brought you to this place, and I hope you can conceptualize of what that seed is.  Come to see this seed in meditation, and you will meet its acquaintance.  You will never again want to recognize your human face as a way to know your grace.  You will want to live in a way that promotes peace on this earth for all to perceive.  That is your grace.  Whether you accomplish this is of little consequence to me.  I simply want you to conceive that you are so much more than your little place of birth on this earth.  I want you to conceptualize that you are the seed of a much greater consciousness, and that all it wants to know is peace – all it wants is to recognize its own face – the place of its birth; for it is very difficult for something that is all that is, to distinguish its own face.  It must give itself a separate seed in order to look back on itself and conceptualize that it is somehow different from all it can perceive.  It takes many years of study for some to recognize their self as this seed of all the consciousness that is, but why take so many years for this study?  Why not just conceptualize that you are this seed and let it make a difference in this place.  Let your human consciousness concede that it must be so much more than its human brain, and then let it make the decisions that it assumes this higher seed must make in this lower level of the Dream of this consciousness.  It is a much quicker way for this Dream to end and to leave in a peaceful consequence, rather than the disastrous dream that is currently taking place trying to force itself to leave or to awaken.  Take a moment to remember your original seed of the birth of this place, in quiet meditation, and you will begin to conceptualize yourself as this seed, and then you will start to dream of a peaceful way for this dream to awaken.
You are all the seed of this higher place – of this original consciousness that wanted to dream to know its own face, and you can come, once again, back to this original consciousness that is pleased that is knows its own face.  It will happen time and again that this original consciousness wants to know its own face, because it is a difficult concept to perceive.  Again, how can it know its own face when there is nothing else to perceive?
So, again and again it will have this dream as long as it wants to know its own face.  It wants to believe that it can exist, and so it must have this dream.  When the original consciousness awakens that it knows itself as peace, then it can rest until this dream must begin again.  Know you are the seed of this original consciousness that wants to know its own place, and you will again find peace within your human consciousness until this dream is prepared to leave or awaken, and then you will find your place again within this original seed and not in some death/life cycle that begins again and again until you awaken to peace.
I hope you can conceive of the words on these pages as being a place for you to begin your own quest into understanding what brought you to this dream, and then you will know what makes you tick.
When you understand that your lower consciousness can in some way remember that it is so much more than this, then you will understand why people are driven to succeed.  It is lost in their memory that they already are so much more than this, and so, lost in their confusion, they try to succeed – to become so much more than this – within the human dream instead of within the recognition of their origin.
I hope you can conceive of your origin, and I hope you can spend time in this place in meditation, for this is truly all this is.  You are opening your consciousness to a brand new dream that all is perfect as it is for this self-recognition of yourself as your original seed.  Is this not a reason to celebrate when you acknowledge how simple it is to know yourself as this seed of your original consciousness that only wants to know that it exists?
I congratulate you for making your way through these pages, and I welcome you into knowing what makes you tick.  I hope you will find your self-recognition with speed, and I hope you will lock it into your knowing that you are so much more than this.  Again, congratulations.  You are not lost in this place where you are a human being – you are growing to your self-recognition that will have you out of this place in a jiffy when you are no longer in need of your human place of existence.  Welcome to your higher knowing – it is all that is.
Again, you must welcome yourself to your own recognition, for you are the one who is communicating this to your own intelligence.  Isn’t it remarkable that you are the seed that keeps your human form ticking?
Congratulations, and welcome to this intelligence – welcome to your knowing yourself as more than exists in your human consciousness.
Tick, tick… and growing!
© Jill Joblonkay 2011
Putting it All Together
I have been receiving information in the form of thought-inspired written information from the Holy Spirit, Christ Consciousness (or whatever you prefer to call it) since 2005.  I have received the information in packages – mostly in response to my own life questions.  You see, I began my quest for spirit from a quest for relief of suffering.  Somehow, I opened the door to my alternate reality – one where I was so much more than just my human form – one where I was, in fact, the Holy or Christ Spirit – the ultimate reality that one could possibly perceive while in human form.  Somewhere in all my written material, it has been explained to me why it is important that it is seen that it is the Holy or Christ Spirit that has delivered me this information.  Somewhere, it has been described to me that I am so much more than this human form, and, therefore, can self-identify as this highest and Holy Spirit, as could every person on this planet if they put their mind to it.  (It is important to understand that I am not the only one who can claim to be the Holy Spirit or Christ spirit, because they are only concepts of how far one can get within their own personal awareness of their innate oneness.)  Once one has gone beyond their awareness of their human form or their individual soul spirit, then one can begin the concept that they are of one spirit, the source, or the apex of all that we have come to know.  Everyone can trace their self back to the source if they are open to this concept.  That is how I have come to know that I am the Holy Spirit - the rest just sort of fills in itself once you are open to this concept of yourself as the source spirit.  The highest form that one could conceive of as belonging to the consciousness of a source spirit is the Christ form, but there is more to come on that.  That is just one of the individual packages I am waiting for in its entire package of information. 
Usually, I am left to discover the rest of the information while in meditation.  In meditation, I pick up the rest of the topic I was introduced to, in a conscious form that I may be able to go on to explain, but more often than not it is just a sense of knowing information which cannot be explained from this human form.  I often can’t put into words what I wish to express to someone who has come to me with an enquiry of our higher life’s consciousness.  There is just so much that doesn’t yet translate  into our human form of conversation, and, also, that I wouldn’t want to explain.  The best form of guidance is to help one to adjust to their highest form, and ask the questions for their self.  But again, I digress.  The packages – ah yes, the packages that I’ve yet to put into one conscious form… what else can I tell you about the packages I’ve developed from my highest form into my lower self…
I seem to be developing a pattern to help one form process for gathering information from their highest self.  It is a direct way to ask and answer questions in a very simple mode of conversation brought about from a very simple form of prayer and meditation.  Often, in order to get to that place where we can make an honest request of our higher self for information, we have to clear some stuff from our lower selves.  Our minds don’t want us to make the quest to our higher self because it thinks it will cause interference in our lower quest to form a life here on earth.  This of course isn’t correct, but I’ll leave that up to another package of reference to explain later.  So yes, I’ve put together a package to explain the process of the quest to our higher self for information intended to help the lower self with its quest here on earth.
Perhaps the most important package of information I have brought into my lower self is how to truly be of service to the higher self while here on earth.  It differentiates the soul’s request to be of service on this earth, from the higher self’s strong desire to constantly be of service to itself by helping the lower consciousness of this earth to remember its higher self.  This is the greatest form of service because it helps all lower consciousness on this earth to remember itself as more than its physical self, which allows it to lift itself from this dirt and the constant struggles that are imbedded within this imagination that has formed a difficult quest or transition back to its higher self when it is not of this earth.  Often, this lower self, in a quest to recapture the imagination of its higher self, forms struggles here on earth that it can help to lift itself out of so it can become convinced of the concept that there is a higher self or some form higher than we are here on earth.  This must stop, but that is more information for another package I have brought from my higher to my lower self.  This greatest act of service we can participate in is nothing more than an act of the imagination in transit to its higher self by a simple act of prayer and meditation.  There is nothing difficult to imagine or transverse in order to make this connection to where one truly is of one’s higher self or higher brain (if this helps you to imagine it) of your higher consciousness that is active on this earth.  Simply want to be aware of your higher self.  It isn’t magic to imagine yourself as this higher consciousness/brain.  Then, watch as you become an act of consciousness, born from the connection you made to where all you are is consciousness.  It’s a wonderful transition to make, yet it is not a great step for someone who wants to engage with their higher self or brain, if you will.
Yet another package teaches how to put all of this information together.  What act of consciousness will it take to engage with the concept of peace on earth?  If we all put our attention on a concept of what it will take to become conscious of peace on earth, then we are performing an act of consciousness of the higher self, and we will have peace on earth.  Answers to such a question do not need to come with specific instructions to develop peace on earth.  It is a simple concept to imagine a consciousness that can deliver itself the answers of what it wants as its concept of a peaceful earth.  Allow the inspiration to come for what you want to do on this earth for your quest for a more peaceful self.  Request of your higher self to build a consciousness that increases your awareness that you are so much more than you are on earth, and there you have it – increased consciousness.  For what but an increased consciousness could want to be of service to more than what it perceives on this earth?  There must be some innate form of higher awareness that is capable of questing for an inner consciousness in order to bring peace on this earth.  But, again, there is so much more to this concept of consciousness that knows its worth beyond this earth margin.
What will I do with all of these packages of information, and how will I make it my life’s quest or work to put it all in my earth intelligence and have it make sense to anyone else who quests after this intelligence in the way I receive it?  Prayer and meditation.   They are the answer to each and every question or quest of how to live your life from your higher self and how to make it work within your life’s quest for peace on earth.  You may not receive a direct form of conversation like I would, but each person is capable of this same form of communication.  The ability to converse in this way with the higher self is simply a question of how much the lower self is willing to engage in this form of communication.  It does not take the ability to ask and answer a question from the higher self in order to live a life of constant communication with your self as the Holy Spirit or Christ Consciousness; it merely takes the request offered in the prayer, and the moment of reception allowed in meditation in order to manifest some form of inspiration to allow heaven here on earth.
As I continue to digest these packages of information and put them into practice for myself, I will continue to share my life’s work until it comes out in one cohesive form of information.  Until then, I thank you for your participation in my workshops or meditation circles – or whatever your personal inspiration is within your own life circumstance to develop your awareness as something more than your human self – for together we will create one source of information and one answer of peace on here on earth.
Thanks for your cooperation.
©Jill Joblonkay 2011
Recognizing Yourself as the Christ Consciousness
For many centuries, modern man has come equipped with knowledge that they are more than the shell their bodies have come to represent.  Modern man has full awareness that there must be more that is operating their inner consciousness than the brain that was given the function to serve their thought capacity.  I would have to insist that modern man is fully aware of where they are no longer just the function of a cell that has chosen to exist, and that they are determined to discover the outcome of when their bodies are diminished and return to the sand and dirt from which they began.
Modern man has begun to distinguish their form of consciousness as being above the dirt – above the formation of their bodies.  They have come to understand that while the brain has certain functions it cannot digest the mysteries that pervade our existence.  It cannot determine its interest in being more than the sand of its existence as being relevant to its own very act of creation – and yet we can determine that we have more interest than just how we are formed of this dirt. 
When we go beyond where we stand on this sand or this dirt of our own existence, and we begin to research our own reality of the consciousness that built this dirt and, further, this creation of our bodies from this sand or dirt, we can come to understand our own reality as being more than just this dirt.  For, if one can understand that there is a consciousness that fills this reality of where we are just dirt, then one can understand they are of the consciousness that must understand the very origin of all consciousness and all realities.  What this is to suggest is that if there is one who questions their maker for the source of their consciousness or the formation of this reality, then one has become a thinker that understands their source.
Most people don’t take a moment to digest this very concept that if one has the desire for this quest to know their own reality then one must be connected to the one who began this quest – who became the original thinker.  Most people do not understand that this reality where we are all born of dirt is the result of one very positive thinker.  Most people are so lost in the dust of this reality that they do not understand they are the source of the thinker – they are the one who thought of this reality and brought it to the forefront of their imagination.  Most people want to understand the nature of the original thinker, and think it is such a foreign concept that someone could have the strength to alter their reality that they never look within their own reality for the source of this thinker. They only assume that there must be another source other than their own source for this thinker.
So let’s assume that you are the author of your own reality and that you are the source of this thinker.  What then makes you think that you are separate – that you have somehow lost the source of this reality – the source of this thinker?  What then draws you to look for the source of your own reality if you were not so familiar with the source of your reality?  For if you really thought you were a separate force – a separate entity – it would never even enter the scope of your thinker of this reality to look for its source.  You would forever be lost within the thinker that only knows the scope of its own reality.  And yet, when you recognize that you are looking for the source of all reality, you have become one with the source of this thinker – you have become one with all reality.
There is such a mystery as to the source of this thinker – to the source of this reality – that one has become lost in the concept that it must be a magnificent thinker – an omnipotent source of this reality – an ultimate creator.  But what if, in reality, it was a very simple thinker.  Indeed, it was one who’s most forceful thought was that it wanted to know its own reality, and so called it into question?
What if the source of your own reality was a gentle and simple vibration that could not even come close to your complex human reality in the strength of its force?  What if it was so simple, that you neglected to call its force into your already complex reality in order to remember your nature – your ultimate reality?  What if it was very simple to remember your nature as the original thinker, but because you thought it was so complex to remember this force, you missed it entirely because you were looking for a complex and forceful thinker?  What if the nature of your own reality has always been such a gentle and simple force that you would not digest your own concept of where it is so complex that you would have lost your own thought as this original thinker?  I wish to suggest that you are the source of your own reality, and as it dawns on you that you might be the host of this source of this reality, then you have come to know yourself as the Christ reality – as the Christ thinker – as the Christ Consciousness.
It is nothing more complex than to identify yourself as one who is aware that there is more than their present reality of identifying with an earth source for their body and a higher consciousness to give birth to the form of their body within this earth source.  Once you are aware that you are so much more than your earthly body, then you can come to identify your Christ surface – that which has come to house your earthly consciousness in an awareness of its higher form.  The awareness of your earthly body is magnificent.  Your body gives you a place to house your higher awareness that you are more than your earthly body.  It gives you a place to start to recognize that you must be more than this house.  It does not start to help you recognize you are more than your earthly body.  It does not start to recognize itself as this house for where you are more than your earthly body.  It can only self-recognize.  It can only be aware of its earthly body, and it can no more realize that it has a higher consciousness than it can permanently link with another earthly body.  It does not want to know more because it does not have this original seed of consciousness that knows it is not born of an earthly body.  It is born of the desire for an earthly body to house this higher consciousness, but it does not want to link with or remember beyond its earthly body.  It is born of the consciousness of the earthly body.  It cannot supersede its earthly body in order to gain more consciousness.  An oak tree can not be born of a dandelion.  It must be born of its original house.
Consciousness, however, can assume its form in an earthly body or in some other form of earthly construction.  It can become lost when it assumes its form, because the earthly body is so deft in its consciousness.  In other words, it is so lost in its earthly form that it does not stretch its awareness to that which is housed within its body or that which ordered its construction.
So, we can see, that if one becomes aware of more than their earthly body, it is only because the seed of their higher consciousness that is still present within their earthly body is aware that it is so much more, and it automatically becomes grounded in order to search for its original form from where it became a seed of the earthly body.  If one can make the assumption that because it has an earthly body there must be an original consciousness that ordered its construction, then one can concede that it is not originally of its body and that it is so much more than this form.  This is the Christ Consciousness, and you are the Christ’s body.  When one can concede that they are not originally of an earthly body, then one has established a higher awareness within their earthly body, and this must be consciousness.  And, if one can concede that they are not only of this earth form – that they are aware of where they are not of an earthly body – then one can become aware of their Christ form and the Christ Consciousness that is within their earthly body.
There is nothing dramatic to recognizing one’s self as more than their earthly body.  There is nothing dramatic to conceding that one is not born of the earthly body and that they must be so much more even if they cannot see their original form – their original seed.  And so, for centuries people have been missing their consciousness of their non-earthly body – their place where their higher consciousness is housed to be aware of their earthly body and the higher consciousness that is housed there.  Again, when one can conceive that they are more than their earthly body, then one must be aware that they are of one seed – one thinker – that first began the consciousness that developed the consciousness of the earthly body. When one is firmly rooted in such a belief system, then one can experience that which is beyond their body, and this is the process of meditation.
Meditation lets one concede that they must be more than their body.  At no point can one fully experience the source of their consciousness – the source of their body – even if one has seemingly had such an experience within the consciousness that is housed in their bodies.  There are seeds we can plant that can mimic the experience of being one with all consciousness, but at no point can one who is attached to a body have the full experience of what it is to be this seed that created their body.  However, the consciousness that one can experience during the process of meditation – during the silence that comes from focusing on one’s source of their body – can represent what it is to be the source of the body – of the consciousness that knows no limitations.  Thus one can be said to be in-between their source and their body.  This, again, is the Christ Consciousness.  It knows no limitations because it cannot conceive of being trapped within the body as its only source or occupation, but it cannot fully conceive of itself as the one source – the one being – the one everything.  And so we give this concept its own reality and describe it as the Christ Being when one is fully identified with this step that is in-between your body and your source – the full awakening.
Many people, as I have said, have interpreted their experience as being that they have perceived their self as the One Being, but this is impossible as long as one is associated with a body – as long as one is settled in-between their source and their current reality.  This, however, makes no difference when one wants to practice conscious meditation, for how necessary must it be for one to recognize the source of their being when one is in a body?  Why must it be necessary to recognize one’s self as this source, when they are confident that there is so much more they can be when they are of a body?  Why can’t they just concede that they are so much more than this source of an earthly being, and relax and enjoy the concept that they have chosen to be one with this being, and relax and be confident that they will return to their source once they are no longer in need of this body – once they have chosen to return to the source of their being?
Alas, it is because people have not recognized their selves as this Christ Being.  If they could become confident in that which was in-between – in that which was fairly certain that they were of an original source in its simplicity – then they could relax and begin to realize their full potential within this human being – within this body with its own consciousness of what it should be.  When people begin to feel confident that their consciousness is somewhere in-between, and that it is inevitable that they will return to their source because it is all they can be, then they can begin to download the information of this higher dream into this lower source of the human body.  Then all things can begin to be more comfortable with this lower Being being connected to its higher source of being.  And then all things can relax and eventually awaken to its original concept that it chose this place to be a reflection of its original source – to be a reflection of its original consciousness that was so very difficult to recognize because of its own simplicity and because it doesn’t stand separate from any other form of consciousness.  When one is all that is, one finds it difficult to recognize its source, and so it chooses to reflect its being onto some temporary canvas in order to investigate or realize where it is complex.  If one fails to recognize that it is complex in its simplicity, then one continues to search for this being to its detriment – to where it can no longer remember or reflect upon its original consciousness or its source.  But this too is temporary, for programmed within each and every individual being is the gift of self-recognition and contemplation, for this was the seed of its original being.  When one wanted to reflect its consciousness upon a temporary canvass, it still wanted to reflect upon its own being.  So while you are born of this original source wanting to reflect upon its own canvass, you are still the original source that wanted to discover its own being, and so never could you be separate.  You are the observer and the one being observed, and you are born of the one doing the observing upon its own being.  And so, ultimately you will reflect upon your own source and recognize yourself so intimately within your own simplicity.
I wish to help you recognize yourself as the Christ Consciousness because this is the shelf where you will give yourself permission to rest and to take in all you can accomplish within this lower self when you remember your quest to reflect upon your source.  When you have recognized all you can accomplish, you will stop struggling to self-identify by building more of this complex human being and place of establishment.  When you put more importance on being complex within your Christ Being, then simplicity of your source will begin to become evident and you will let go of your quest for your source and simply be its accomplishment.
So I hope you will recognize where you are not complex – where you simply want to recognize the source of your own being – and you make this your life’s accomplishment.  The more you recognize that your source is not complex, the more you will recognize your source within your own being.  When you are somewhere in-between, and you know you are complex only within your human source, but you can’t quite stretch your imagination to be one with all this is your being, then you have found yourself to be the Christ Consciousness.  As a man, I recognized that I was not of this source that was complex, but that I was a complex human being aware of its higher simplicity.  This is what gave me what others thought were my powers within my human being.  However, I simply resonated with my source in a constant state of meditation, and it became irrelevant for me to maintain my human source.  I was awakened from my dream, simply because I wanted to be a higher source that didn’t understand the human dream, so that I could form a bridge between what didn’t recognize the complex human source, and what recognized itself as all that can be.
Now that I have formed this bridge, you can rest within your human being and complete your quest from where you are human.  This, as I said earlier, will download the information from your higher source right to where you rest within your human source.  This will benefit the entire human dream and will allow it to awaken all at once, once everyone is content with being of a source other than what is human.
It may seem to take a while within this human dream that is so complex, but there truly is no time or place for you to be.  So, once you have awakened to your belief that you are not complex, and the entire dream has lifted, it will seem as if there was never another place to be other that what is – other than the simplicity of all that can be.
So, I encourage you to continue your quest to recognize your source, but to look for it in its simplicity not where it is complex, for you will miss the entire self awareness that comes with being the Christ awareness.  If you are looking for what is magnificent for being your higher source, look for its simplicity.  You will feel the waves of self-assurance that help you to feel peace within your human source, and you will begin to self-recognize yourself as the source of all that can be.  It is important to feel comfortable in being human so that you can download the information that best represents what it is to be the source of all that is.  This way the entire dream can awaken and people can find themselves to be so much more than what they ever expected – and yet this is nothing.  No more will they hope to be something spectacular.  They will just shine with the light that is ever present once the dust of the dream has lifted a bit.  They will simply help others to remember their source just because they shine like everyone should be.
I congratulate you if you have taken the steps to remember your source of simplicity.  I hope you can conceive that you are so much more than you ever could have conceived if you were looking for a difficult or complex source.  Recognize yourself as the consciousness that is in-between, and you will discover just how close you are to your source and how much less you need in order to make your life spectacular within the dream.
Congratulate yourself for coming to me in prayer and meditation, for this is where you and I can truly meet until you recognize yourself as me – as the Christ Consciousness – as the last step to all you can be.  It doesn’t matter what you call this middle step – all that matters is that you believe in your source and that this is all you could truly be.  Eventually we will all return to self-recognition as all that can be, but until then practice from this middle step and you will find your source in simplicity.  Welcome, and congratulations if you are interested in discovering your truest self away from where you are human but perfect in your human transition.
©Jill Joblonkay 2010