Frequently Asked Questions
Is this a religious concept?
This is not a question of religion – it is a question of discovering your origin of spirit that is far beyond any religious organization.  That being said, if one wishes to quest for their spirit within the contents of a religious organization, then one can apply the principles discussed in these pages toward their religious concept and principles.  There is only one religion, and that is that you are an individual with a specific concept of your spirit and how to connect with it, and you should follow the religion or belief system that best suits your concept of this original spirit.  We are merely suggesting that one does not require religion to connect with their original spirit, that each individual has this innate connection within their self-concept, and that if you are to follow a religion, it should help you attain your concept of your original spirit.
Within the concept of most religions is how to attain the connection with one’s original spirit, or one’s source of attainment.  It is not a different concept to suggest that we are all connected to this source, and thus are appropriate for its attainment in our consciousness.
What is the Holy Spirit as mentioned in these pages?
For the purposes of this content, the Holy Spirit has been named as the source of these pages and of all of the valuable information Jill has received.  The Holy Spirit is a concept of an original source and its mode of communication.  The Holy Spirit is no different than your own consciousness; it can merely see the difference between your lower and higher imagination, and it can help you to interpret the information of your source, and help you to filter it into your lower imagination.  Thus, the Holy Spirit serves to connect you to your higher source of information, and will help to lift your consciousness back to your original source of information if you will let it.  We all have access to our higher source of information, it just might not make sense to our lower source of information, and thus we need an interpretation of this higher information within our lower source.  This will draw us back to our higher source of information, and thus will form a permanent link where we can begin to think more like our original source of information.
What is the Christ Consciousness?
For the purposes of this content, the Christ Consciousness is also a source of information.  It is the missing link between your relevance as a human and your higher source of information.  You once thought like your higher source of information, and were conscious that you were not your lower source of information and that it was a temporary transition back to full recognition that you are your higher source of information.  The Christ Consciousness is a concept with a designation to help you permanently recapture your higher source of information.  It will help you to regain consciousness that you are this higher source of information.  It is a concept that will present its source of information as your only source of information.  It is an aspect of your consciousness that can name your higher source of information as its original formation, and can invite your lower consciousness into remembering its original name.  You are not your lower content, your lower source of information, and the Christ Consciousness is that aspect of your information that reminds you of this.  It is a part of your consciousness which describes your original source and reminds you that you are of its intelligence, and thus you have remained in its intelligence no matter how much you believed you were separate.  It wants you to recognize your own intelligence and its source, and to no longer be able to describe that you are separate from its source of information. 
This is the Christ Consciousness, and it is a part of your being that can reflect your innate connection to your higher source of consciousness.  It is just a name of the part of your consciousness that can remember its original connection to your higher consciousness, and can name it but cannot project it without your decision to claim it.  You are your source of consciousness, and whatever you name it is how you claim it and how you project it within your lower consciousness.  The Christ Consciousness was represented by Jesus, and helped others to name it as their consciousness.  Whatever you name it, or however you claim it, it is merely representative of how you remember your source.  It is not dangerous to claim it as the Christ Consciousness unless you want it reflective of those who sought to crush its consciousness.  It is merely a representative of your higher consciousness that remembers its connection with its most-highest, no matter what you call it.  It is your higher source of consciousness that wants you to call it what you are most comfortable with, and it will represent your will to remember your source of consciousness.
How can I remember my source of consciousness?
Your source of consciousness is your highest source.  There is only one source of consciousness, no matter what you call it.  To remember your source of consciousness, you need merely reflect upon your higher source of consciousness.  How do you do that?  You need to connect with your source of consciousness within some human aspect, and deliver it to your lower source of consciousness to accept its source.  We help you to reflect on your higher source of consciousness within your lower source by way of a simple meditationthat will help you connect to your source within your lower consciousness.  We implant a particular image or aspect of your source within your lower consciousness, and you will reflect upon this image, knowing it will give you access to your higher consciousness.  It is not magic nor an extraneous force.  It is simply helping your lower consciousness to connect with its awareness of its higher source.  There is no power that could force itself upon your lower consciousness.  You will remember your source if you want to recollect your original form of consciousness or to remember your source of consciousness. 
As I have said, there is no magical force, only your will to remember your original consciousness – your original aspect of source.  Now, will you remember your source of consciousness?  Then let us help you to protect against your lower consciousness and how it tries to prevent you from remembering your source, for it does not want you to determine it as being your lower source of consciousness.  How can we protect you?  By helping you develop the will of consciousness which will not neglect your lower consciousness and dismiss it as a bad source.  We will help you develop the concept of forgiveness and helping your lower consciousness recognize its role in helping you discover your source.  You will all remember your original consciousness if you offer compassion and forgiveness to all who are enraptured by this lower consciousness, and who do not act as if they remember their source of loving compassion.
How much time must I dedicate to remembering my source and incorporating it into my lower consciousness?
We recommend that you spend practically every minute remembering your source.  That being said, we know you are in your lower conscious and are going to have to build a practise of remembering your source on occasion.  We want you to enjoy practising it, and so whatever program you come up with is what is best for your remembering of your original consciousness.  We just want you to practise in a way that is complete in remembering your source, and so we provide a specific meditation to get you closest to what it is like to be in your source of consciousness.  We recommend that you drift in and out of this consciousness, allowing you to promote it within your own consciousness as a desired alternative to your everyday consciousness.  In other words, the more time you spend in a meditation designed to mimic your source of consciousness, the more your lower consciousness will want you to spend time in it; for it is a desire of the lower source of consciousness to experience this, it just may not know that this is what it is after.
We suggest that you do not force yourself to sit in meditation when your lower consciousness is not open to this.  It must be an invitation of your lower consciousness to this open consciousness of source, and if it does not want to sit in it, then it must not be forced or it will become more closed to the concept of it than when you first suggested it meditate.  You will know when your lower consciousness is open to it because you will experience a desire to meditate.  If sometime during the course of your meditation upon what can replicate source in your lower consciousness, you decide that you no longer want to meditate, you must elevate your consciousness to your original source and suggest that it is no longer peace to meditate if it causes discourse in your lower consciousness.  This is the most loving and forgiving way to get your lower consciousness to want to meditate.  It must not be forced. 
If you can convince your lower self to meditate, then we recommend a minimum of fifteen minutes when you first start to meditate.  We suggest you book-end your day with an open meditation; in other words, allow the meditation to dictate how long you must meditate; it will know the way.  If you are pressed for time to meditate, then you can reflect on your source during your day with a simple reflection upon the same image you construct when you meditate.  It is accumulative, and will increase your desire to meditate and reflect your higher source of consciousness in every given state.  It must be your idea to meditate, and not just because I say it can be of benefit.  You must eliminate your request to meditate to lift your day to a better day.  We are asking you to meditate for the benefit of your original source, and not so you can have a better day.  Often that is the extended benefit, but for the purpose of this meditation we are trying to lift the entire consciousness to a better way, and to focus on it for your understanding will only reinforce the concept that you are entirely separate; and so we meditate for a better understanding of our original concept of our original source within the entire collective consciousness known as man.  Can you think of a better way to meditate than for the entire consciousness to come to one place and regain its focus on its consciousness and why it came to play as man?  So connect with our explanation of meditation as can be found on these pages, and start to meditate as if you are the source of consciousness.  There can be no more profound way.
Why would I want to know why I came to play in the consciousness of being human?
If you understand your consciousness and that you came from far away; in other words, you came from your greater consciousness, then you begin to act and play as if you are your greater consciousness, and then this lower consciousness of man can go away.  We are struggling in this lower consciousness to find a better way, so why not recollect your innate concept of a better way, and ease the struggling consciousness of man.  It is looking for a way to play as its higher consciousness, but it cannot find a better way and so it is trying to construct of what it can command, and this is causing discourse and suffering where you have all come to play.  Why not try to reconstruct an original concept of why the mind came to play in its lower command, in order to lift its decision to no longer play in what it can no longer understand.  The original concept was to come and play in order to reinstate the connection with the lower consciousness and its higher command, or place to play.  In its lower state it forgot its romance with its higher state, and it lost its conscious connection to where it is all that could command, and so fear became its way to command in its lower state.  If you take the time to reinstate your lower consciousness as just being a way in which you can experience the higher state within the lower domain, then you have found a way to remain homogeneous within your conscious state.  In other words, all is of consciousness no matter what you say or recollect of your higher state, and all will want to reconnect with your higher consciousness, and thus you have found your way to remain in permanence in your higher state.  You will not recognize the day you have found your higher state, for then there will not be a lower state for you to command; but you will have found your way, and the entire consciousness can celebrate that it is once more of one command – one higher state – one original consciousness – one state to play in.  Then peace will bridge this consciousness no matter what state you play in.
How long will all of this take?
There is a process to this command of finding your lower state and letting it elevate itself to its higher state all for the love of consciousness of the higher state.  It is a process by which you must command your lower state to engage with this process, without causing it to demand that it stays in control of its lower state.  It is a dance, and one must not assert they are leaving this lower state for their higher state, or the lower state will pull out of this dance and leave the higher state searching for its romance with its lower state. 
This is a process that is reflective and takes how long it takes.  There is nothing that can rush this process, and again, that is why we state that one must meditate for the sake of this process.  Peace for the sake of peace is the required state; for if we become self-reflective to increase the wealth of our own state, we are, in fact, focusing on our intent to remain separate.  So we must engage with this process for the sake of the entire consciousness, and thus will lose the desire to see it come to an end.  For when we are all in this higher state, there will no longer be a lower consciousness to command, and thus we will not be in existence in order to acknowledge the end of this process.
I just wish you to command your branch of consciousness into your higher state, and then you will have a place to relax while the whole consciousness takes its stand in its higher state.  You will relax, and thus there will be greater self-consequence than what you have experienced to date, but it must not be for this that you offer this command to explore your higher state.  And thus we cannot say how long this process will take.
Am I the right one for this process?
It is up to each and every seemingly individual consciousness to decide if they are right for this process.  Those who are in the process of recollecting their original state – their higher consciousness – have already been seeking this process of these pages.  If this is why you came to play in this lower state, you will recognize this process of finding your lower state infused with your higher consciousness, and will want to continue with this process.  If you are in this lower state to recognize your higher consciousness and don’t want to participate in this process as laid out in these pages, then you must simply come forth and ask us to help you find your process.  Everyone is in the process of finding their higher state.  In these pages we are simply outlining a process for which you might have come to this lower state to process.  If this is your process, then continue with these pages.  If this is not your process, then you must ask from your lower state, how to find your process.  All are to perform in their lower state.  While it might not feel as if you asked to be here in this lower state, you need simply recollect the reason why you came, in order to agree to remain in this lower state while you participate in your process to incorporate your higher state.  This is all I ask.
How can I acknowledge this lower state and not ask to be lifted out of this lower state?  In other words, how can I recognize this lower state and not want to leave it immediately so that I am safe in a higher state?  What if I recognize the pain of this lower state and then decide that I can’t stand this lower state?  How then can I stay in this lower state?
This is why you must understand this process that it is within your lower state that you must recognize your higher state, in order to get the entire lower state (collective consciousness) to lift its consciousness to its higher state.  The individual cannot complete this process, and thus it must recognize its higher state and continue to give this original vibration to the collective state for the rest of its days.  If the individual consciousness can recognize that it has made this achievement, and that if it stays for the rest of its days as an individual consciousness in this lower assignment, then it can feel a sense of accomplishment and thus can tolerate this lower state.  I dare say one can even learn to enjoy this lower state whilst waiting for its higher state to be permanent.  One can make the decision to play in its lower state while the entire consciousness is making its decision of where to be permanent, and if one can recognize this as its chosen state, then one can experience a state that is quite satisfactory to its consciousness, and can thus choose to stay.
This can increase its consciousness, for where else could a conscious being exercise its consciousness but in a state that is not of its consciousness.  For if one ascends to a non-conscious state; in other words, where there is no need to recognize one’s consciousness, then what is the use of recognizing one’s conscious state?  The purpose is to come into where there is confusion and to help lift it to its conscious state where there is no more confusion nor reason to acknowledge that it is conscious, for there will be  nothing left for its comparison.
I want your infusion of your conscious and non-conscious state to help you to choose to remain where it is seemingly non-conscious, but really is just in a state of confusion of its conscious state; in other words, it doesn’t recognize itself as consciousness, but as a separate individual in a non-conscious state.
The more you practise this state, the more you will seek this consciousness; for you will begin to recognize that you came to play in this seemingly non-conscious state of confusion because you are wanting to witness this conscious state within its confusion.  This is building the bridge and is the greatest gift of service we can give in this non-conscious state of confusion.  Let us simply recognize our conscious state, and let it lift our consciousness to our one conscious state – our unity of consciousness – our one source of consciousness – our original state.
Thank you for your questions and for trying to eliminate your confusion of these messages.  As I have stated, this is an on-going process and will take some time for us to come out of the confusion.  But if you have found these pages, you are on your way out of this confusion.  I wish to congratulate you for your decision to explore your consciousness and your decision to come to this non-conscious state to play.  Congratulations!