Consultations and Services
Speaking directly from her Higher Self, Jill will guide you to become your own Medium - your own connection to your Higher Self.  Jill will teach and assist you to hear the answers you seek for yourself, and will provide services such as Mediumship and communicating with your guides etc., when it is appropriate during the session.  She does not consider herself a fortune teller, and believes that decisions about your future are up to you, although she may assist you in becoming clearer in order to make decisions.
Jill's main goal in life is to help everyone to recognize their own connection to the Higher Self and to become proficient in its mode of communication.
You may book a private session specifically to receive coaching on how to develop your method of communicating from your Higher Self, or to clear out anything that may be standing in the way of your self-recognition as the Higher Self. 
Jill also has a special interest in assisting parents of spiritually gifted children in understanding their children or the special gifts or needs of each child.  Jill can pass on information from their Higher Spirit on their behalf, but more importantly she can help you to learn how to help these extremely sensitive children to feel safe in this earth environment.
  • appointments are available in person or over the phone
  • a CD recording will be made of each in-person session, however I cannot guarantee the recording. If you wish, you may use your own digital recording devices (ie, smartphone, iPhone, MP3 etc).
Higher Self Consultations and Spiritual/Mediumship Readings
  • Reconnect to your Higher Self
  • Discover your Life's Purpose
  • Learn to hear your own answers from your Higher Self
  • Receive guided wisdom from your Higher Self, guides, angels, and loved ones in spirit
  • Learn to recognize yourself as your Higher Self and the Holy Spirit
  • Personalized guided meditations (recorded) to connect to, and become, your Higher Self
Energy Balancing Sessions
  • Much like a reiki attunement, energy flows from my Higher Self to the parts of your energetic system that require rebalancing, energetic blockage removal, or just a general infusion of tranquility
  • Includes intuitive energy reading
  • Long distance sessions available
Reflex Therapy
  • certified Reflex Therapist / Reflexologist (hand, ear, scalp, face, and foot)
  • Su-Jok (a Korean hand and foot reflexology, ideal for muscular and skeletal pain)

  • $120 CDN per hour

one hour session:

To book an appointment or inquire about services offered:
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