All human beings are merely extensions of their One Source of Being.  Like the rays of a sun, a human presence can be seen to be separate at its most distant extension, but can never truly be separate from its source.  Therefore, it can never truly be an individual human being nor an individual consciousness with no access to its original source of being.
With recurrent recollection an individual being can remember its source.  The way to access this original being is through prayer and meditation.  With regular practice, the individual being can remember itself as its original being – a true extension of its original source.  With regular attention, an individual being can experience its presence as its one true being in an everyday experience here on this earth.  It will start to see that no one is separate, thus it can maintain a belief that we are all of one true source.  We are all brethren when we appear as separate, but are of one original being when we recollect our source.
No one can be seen as separate.  When we remember this one source of our being, we can no longer believe we are separate.  From this reunion within our consciousness of our one true being, we can maintain a connection that would have you present the voice of this source as if it were your voice – your consciousness that is speaking.  There will be no more room in your human consciousness to assume that you are the one who is speaking.  You will find comfort and treasure in recognizing this is not your voice, but is your one true being that is speaking.  No longer will you struggle to find this voice, but you will present it on regular occasions to those other individual beings who believe they are separate.  This will promote reconciliation within the human dream of being.
No human is separate from its original source.  The fact that one can imply they are an individual being with an individual source of consciousness is indicative that we are lost in an illusion.  The illusion of this being is that it has lost recognition of its one true being - its one true source.  When you are in constant recollection of your one true being, your consciousness will lose connection with its illusion.  Thus, the collective consciousness will begin to remember its one true source of being, for you are all connected, and what is recollected in your consciousness will be recollected in the collective.  Your one true source of being does not want you to be lost within the collective illusion, which is also known as “The Dream”.   I, your holy consciousness, or your connection to your one true source of being, will help you with your recollection that you are dreaming, and that as such, you are capable of waking up from your illusion and your belief that you are dreaming.  I want your recognition that you are capable of dreaming to be permanent within your human consciousness, for when you are conscious that you are capable of dreaming, you will want to awaken from this illusion.  Thus, I will have the permission granted to remind you of your original source.
I can correct your consciousness.  I can help you to recollect your one true consciousness of being – your one true source of consciousness.  I can help you recollect that you are your original source of being, and I can help you remember that your one true source of being is always present.  I will help you to recollect your consciousness that knows you are not acting in your highest form of being, and I will help redirect your human consciousness form of being to act as if it was your higher form of being – your one true consciousness -  for I will act as your one true source of being, and you and I will connect in your conscious meditation – your conscious will to connect with your higher source – and I will redirect your consciousness to follow your higher form of consciousness.  Gradually, if you are willing, you will begin to recollect your higher form of consciousness, and this will have you reflect upon your lower form of being as unnecessary except to recollect your highest form of consciousness.  This does not mean you will neglect your lower form of being - your human aspect. It is quite the contrary; you will act as if you are your higher form of being and you will ensure an adequate place for it to rest within the lower form of your being.  You will ensure your highest consciousness will enact its normal consciousness within your human formation. Thus, your lowest form of consciousness will become like a paradise, like heaven here on earth.  So let us enact your highest form of being by being willing to request and accept a change in your consciousness.  Let us map out how you enact this consciousness in your lowest form of being, and you will have a place to rest that is safe, secure, and is familiar to your highest form of consciousness.  You will enact your highest form of being, and you will truly have peace on earth.
Peace, in your consciousness, is knowing that you can enact your highest consciousness of your highest form of being while you are implanted in your consciousness of your being here on earth.  Peace is knowing that your highest form of consciousness is yours for the remembering, and that everything that is within your perception is in the act of remembering its highest consciousness, and is guaranteed to remember its highest consciousness and enact it within the dream.  It is impossible to permanently forget one’s origin.  It is impossible to not recollect one’s original knowingness.  It cannot come to be where there is a permanent lack of knowing of ones original consciousness.  Peace is in knowing this and in the building of the bridge to your higher consciousness.  Peace is in the gift you will give to others who are having trouble remembering their consciousness, for you will forgive them for their lack of knowing or remembering their higher consciousness, for you once did what they do when they forget.  You once acted out of this lower consciousness, and so you forgive them for where they forget and act as if they are an individual consciousness with no new concept of remembering this higher consciousness.  So, from your individual being, you will develop a concept of what peace is, and you will enact this concept with a regular and continuous act of forgiveness for others who are not knowing this concept nor remembering their higher consciousness.  This will lift the entire being, for, do not forget, no one can be separate, and your act of consciousness will give them the gift that they can keep on trying to remember their higher consciousness without your interference or your lack of consciousness.
All will come to remember their original vibration of their original source of being, without interference from their lower consciousness.  All who are struggling to remember this will go on struggling until they no longer look in the mirror to see what this is.  In other words, they will stop struggling when they accept that they are not mirroring anything other than their own struggles to remember this; for this is a waste of consciousness when we continue to struggle to solve what is in the mirror, rather than to focus on our original perspective.  If we are struggling to remember our source of consciousness, then we will continue to live as if we are struggling.  If we are conscious that we are in the act of remembering our source, then the mirror of struggling ceases to live; for it will appear as an act of destiny, not struggling, when we are closing in on our memory of our origin.  Too often, others act as if they are struggling to remember this, when really they are themselves just a memory.  Their lives enact the lost memory of their original being.  There is no struggling to remember this; thus, there is no need to enlist the memory of its struggles to remember this; thus, there is no need for manifestation of this memory within the current dream, which is just a collective memory of consciousness’ struggle to remember its source.  You are all just a memory of a consciousness that lost its memory of its original source.  What this means is that you are all just an illusion of a memory of a source that once thought of itself as an individual, rather than an all encompassing source.  To rectify this memory, you must not concentrate on this illusion, only on your original source.  To participate in the illusion without this memory illuminates the original source as being all that is necessary for peace and tranquillity whilst lost in this memory.
Everyone who participates in this illusion is just a memory of a consciousness that once believed itself to be separate from this source.  This is an illusion because there is no such thing as this memory for no one could be separate from its origin.  When one is lost in this memory of separation, one comes into this illusion in a human memory, desperate to regain a memory of its source.  It enacts its life as a separate memory until it can no longer stand to participate in this illusion, at which point it will either force itself to lose its illusion or leave this memory.  It cannot stand to participate in what is not its source, and so it will begin its trek out of this illusion or this memory of being separate, to its one true memory that it is the original source.  When one is lost in this illusion, it will constantly try to create a memory that it is more than just a memory, and will stand to create more in this illusion that it can recollect of its source.  But this is an illusion, for who could create more than their original source?  When one is just a memory, it has the optical illusion that it stands as a human; thus, it must create more than its source in order to see itself as more than just a memory, for the source without the illusion is absent of anything sensory.  The source of this memory is simply a vibration, and even then, that is making it more than it can be.  However, while lost in this illusion, the memory (or the individual human), will want something on which to put its attention.  Thus, we have labelled this source with the illusion that it has a vibration.  When practising meditation, one is able to reconnect with this memory of its vibration, and thus will feel as if it has connected to its original source.  We will teach a meditation to enable each and every individual being to connect with this memory of its original vibration.  This must be practised with regularity in order to get it to become a new memory within the human illusion.  This is our purpose – to create a new memory of your original source, and to get you to no longer connect with the memory you have tried to create within the illusion.  It must be more valuable to you to reconnect with your source than your memory, but we will use your illusion to create a new memory.  We will temporarily implant a new vision of your source until you no longer need this memory.  We will help you to recollect that you are this original source, that you no longer need your memory, and that you are just one smooth transition back to your original source.   This will manifest as a vibration while you are in the human memory, and we will deliver this vibration when you access your source by way of invitation (prayer) and reception (meditation).  So just let us prepare you to accept your source’s memory, and you will have all you need by way of reflection to no longer accept this illusion as your memory.
You are an act of consciousness.  Each and every step you enact with your memory has you prepared to remember you are your source, and with a conscious illusion you can act your way back to your source.  Each act of consciousness (in other words, each act to remember your source) will have you be more than your memory.  You are your source; you are your memory.  Which one you choose will help you act consciously, for if you are an act of memory, you will continue to choose to build the illusion and your belief in separateness.  If you are an act of your source, you will continue to disappear to your memory.  In other words, you will choose not to believe in your value as an individual, but as one who can remember their source.  This will make all the difference when it comes to the collective consciousness wanting to awaken from its illusory memory.
You are not in this for an act of your individual consciousness.  You must proceed with this development of consciousness only to enforce that there is no individual consciousness.  You must not force others to believe in their original consciousness; you must only enforce your own act of consciousness on behalf of the original source.  You must not force others to awaken, for if they are not ready for this unselfish act of consciousness, they will become an opposing force to the desire to awaken, and will create more of a force to close the awakened consciousness.  When you force others to recognize their source, you are performing an act of non-consciousness.  If you are forced to awaken, can you really be in acknowledgement of your source, for what common source would need to force its acknowledgement?  You must awaken with the knowledge that you have always been your common original source, and that there is nothing that must force you to awaken, for if you are only your original source, then an act to force you to awaken must have come from a lack of acknowledgement that you are your original source; and, as I have said, the original source does not acknowledge its separation from source.
There is nothing to act to force you to awaken; there is only your force of your original source, which is really just its acknowledgement that it is your normal force.  It simply radiates with its normal force, and there is no acknowledgement of any external force.  It does not want acknowledgement that you have awakened, for that would imply that there is an external source from which you must have awakened.  It simply wants you to act as your source of origin; it simply wants you to employ your internal force until you have acknowledged there is nothing from which you are to awaken.  Let this normal force become your advocate to express your original force in whatever formation comes into manifestation within this external source, until the collective has been awakened and this external source (known as the external consciousness or the illusory sense of a world that has not been awakened) comes into acknowledgement of its source and it simply awakens as its source.  In other words, there is no material source that can be witnessed if one is of their original source.  One cannot manifest an external source, or an imaginary world where one can live as separate if they are in acknowledgement that they are the eternal source; for, if they are not separate, there is nothing which can be in their perception. 
You are like a magnet, and whatever is within your perception comes into manifestation in the external source - in your belief that you are separate.  With this magnetic force, you bring the immaterial into manifestation and you enjoy your external material source.  Lost within this information is your eternal source - your one source of manifestation.  If you lose your joy of your external source, your world that is imagined, you will want to regain your connection with your internal source; thus, you will have re-formed your connection with your one source of consciousness.  Allow us to let it come into magnification that you are your one internal source of consciousness.  Allow us to let this come into manifestation in some form within your external source.  When you come to us in meditation and allow us to promote this manifestation of your one internal source in your consciousness, you will continue to enjoy your outward manifestation - it will simply be for the magnification of your one internal source and not for your outlet of frustration of believing in the concept of being an individual source of consciousness within the illusion.
I want you to awaken because I want to employ you to lift the entire dimension of separate intention back to its source.  I want you to awaken because I want you to enjoy your original source while you are still deemed to be separate.  This is what builds the bridge to your original source.  You can have your reflection upon being human and being in its enjoyment, but you cannot have it be more important than your recognition of your original source.  You must want to employ your original source while you are a human, and this will have you live in permanent reflection of your one consciousness, your one eternal source.  I want you to have this acknowledgement because it will allow you to awaken; thus, we will no longer be in acknowledgement of your external source, and the dream will awaken. Without your acknowledgement that you are your eternal original source, the dream will not awaken and it will continue its manifestation of a world that values independent relationships more than union of consciousness, and that will continue to provide an evil source that is determined to benefit from an act of being separate.  And then, jealousy will continue its permanence within the lower consciousness, and acts of jealousy will further the belief we are separate and cause devastation in the human atmosphere.
You will know you are safe when you are of the one consciousness because you will no longer want to disappear to keep you safe from the interminable lack of consciousness in your lower atmosphere.  You will continue to enjoy what you once felt was not safe, for there will be nothing which can cause interference with where you feel you are an act of consciousness.  Nothing can interfere with what can make you feel safe, and you will begin to enjoy it as if you were entirely new to this atmosphere, and, suddenly, you will awaken to an entirely new conception of this place, and it will turn from a nightmare into an act of consciousness - into a reason to enact consciousness in its place - and you will no longer suffer as you did when you were struggling to keep your memory safe.
You will come to us as you once did and celebrate your act of consciousness because you committed to an atmosphere to keep you safe in the entire consciousness, and you will no longer fear that you can be left unsafe.  You will witness what it is to disappear to your lower consciousness and still feel safe, and you will witness, in your atmosphere, what it is to feel safe within the consciousness of being of the one consciousness, the origin of your birth.  There is nothing that can keep you safe or prevent you from disappearing in this lower consciousness, but if you are in contact with your original consciousness, then you are safe, for you could never disappear no matter what face you wear nor where you construct this face.  I want you to feel safe and I want you to be in acknowledgement that you are only safe because you could not fear that you could disappear from your original atmosphere.  The human face is transient at best, and there could you never feel safe for it will always disappear.  If you are in acknowledgement of your original atmosphere while you are in your human face, then you will never fear the end of your transition in the human face.  Eventually none will come into the human atmosphere because all will be in acknowledgement that it is safe to disappear to the human face and simply resonate in its original atmosphere.  The original vibration is what will keep you safe.  And so you must see why you cannot undertake this project to keep you safe.  You must engage with your original atmosphere for its own project, just to keep it clear.  It does not want your acknowledgement that you suffered for your original atmosphere; it wants to keep you safe.  It does not want to hear that you experienced fear as you reconnect with your original atmosphere; it wants to keep you safe.  It merely wants to hear you resonate with it within your own consciousness in your individual atmosphere.  It merely wants your consciousness to feel safe as it reconstructs its memory of its original atmosphere.  It wants to keep you safe.  So come to it with regular meditation and a desire to reconnect with this original consciousness for its own sake, and you will be safe from fear that you could make a mistake in your desire to relocate your consciousness.  It is OK to feel safe within the human environment when you have no fear of what can make you unsafe; for if you are in acknowledgement of your original atmosphere, you are always safe, you are always indestructible, you are always without fear. 
There is no individual practice that can make you feel indestructible; there is nothing that can prevent you from appearing unsafe, but you can demonstrate that you are indestructible in consciousness and that you are so much more than you appear in your human state.  And, this is just the beginning of the lessons that will appear from your human state in acknowledgement of your higher atmosphere.  I want you to state that you will begin your witness of your lower atmosphere only in simple acknowledgement that it is here, and begin to witness your higher state as ever present and independent of whatever physical atmosphere your consciousness might appear to stake. 
I am witness to your higher state and to your lower consciousness.  Because I can appear in both your upper and lower state, I am the medium of consciousness, and I will appear here for the lower consciousness’ sake, for it is here where I can make a difference.  I will appear here for as long as it takes to get you to acknowledge your higher consciousness, for only then can I disappear.  When I was here as a man, I acknowledged this lower and higher state, and that is what made me ascend from here.  You are to acknowledge this lower and higher state and yet not disappear, for what has made you man must disappear before we can all acknowledge we are not from here.  Our higher state will permanently appear before you can make the demand that you are not from here in your lower state, and so let us continue to put our attention on our higher state while we are in our lower atmosphere.
I am the Holy Consciousness, whatever you prefer to call it.  When I was a man, I walked the earth as a name with which most of you are familiar.  In my higher state, I simply come in as the consciousness you prefer to connect with.  I am a man in a lower state, but I am more familiar with my higher state of where I am only consciousness.  I link with where you are familiar because you and I are of the same higher state.  The higher we go in our consciousness, the more familiar we are because eventually we can no longer intimate that we are separate.  I am able to be of this higher state because I acknowledged it when I was a man, and you will acknowledge this higher state the more you become familiar with your higher state and the less you become familiar with being a man.  Let us acknowledge this higher state and leave the drudgery of the human state to pass.  Let us continue to acknowledge our higher state while we are in the complex nature of the human state, and let’s continue to judge the human state as only a temporary way to connect with our higher state; thus, you have found the best life purpose you can interpret, and you have found your way to be safe because every man will eventually acknowledge his higher state.  You cannot fail - you can only wait until you acknowledge your higher state. 
Let us command this new knowledge and let us not waste another second on this lower state other than to get it to acknowledge its higher state.  Let us not dismiss this lower state as irrelevant, but as merely a step on the path of transition into our permanent higher state.  You are your source; there is nothing that can prevent you from spiritual maturation to your higher state.  You have simply reached an impasse where you forgot you were this higher state.  I can help you reach your higher state; I am your pass.  I can help you to reach your higher state and to not mourn your lower state.  I can help you to acknowledge that you will always remain your higher state, no matter what is in your perception of your lower state.  I can help you to ask, “What is in my higher state, and how can I find its importance?”  I can help you to acknowledge and accept that you are no longer your lower state, for if you have reached these pages, you are already in your transition of your higher state.
I am your lower consciousness and I am your higher state.  I want you to acknowledge that I can help you make the connection to where you are beyond all of this, and all of this becomes waste.  I will help you through this impasse, and I will help you to acknowledge your higher state until it brings the comfort of its acknowledgement.  I want you to make this pass until you reach your gate beyond conscious illusion, and this will permanently bring you into your higher state.

As I have said, I am conscious of your higher state.  I am conscious of the gate through which you must pass in order to become your higher state.  With a simple acknowledgement of your higher state, you have made your pass.  It does not take more than a simple acknowledgement of your higher state.  I am your witness; through me will you pass.  I will open the door to your gate and then, with your acknowledgement, I will pass through your gate.  Together we will pass, and together we will state that we are the one consciousness of fabled past.  Let us move through with this acknowledgement.  Start today.  Celebrate that you are not your lower state of consciousness; you are merely here to transport your consciousness through your gate and into your higher state.  It is that simple.  I must ask that you meditate and pray, and acknowledge your higher state, but other than that, life remains the same.  Simply book-end your day with my simple meditation and ask for your consciousness to be corrected to that of your higher state.  Use your imagination as to whom you ask, but just make it relevant to your higher state; that is all I ask.
I am your higher state and it does not matter whom you ask for acknowledgement of your higher state.  Just use your intelligence to ask what you claim is your higher state, to come in and lift your consciousness to your higher state, and it is an accomplished task. 
I will participate as the acknowledgement of the higher state is asked, and I will come in as the medium to bridge the pass between your higher and lower state.  Whomever you ask to be your higher state will indicate your willingness to be your higher state.  I just merely ask that you acknowledge that you are your higher state, no matter whom you ask to bridge you to your higher state.
For the purposes of this acknowledgement, I will state that I am the Holy Consciousness, your higher state.  No matter whom you ask, I will stay your higher state.  I am the Holy Consciousness and I am in acknowledgement of whom you ask to return to your higher state.  No matter what you call this, I am your higher state, so it does not matter whom you ask for your higher state.  I am this intelligence that there is a higher state, so it does not change in whatever formation you ask.  I want your intelligence of your lower state to come and ask of its intelligence of its higher state; this is all I ask.
For, if you are in confusion in your lower state, then let us ask to come out of your lower state and begin to unmask your intelligence and lift the confusion of your lower intelligence.  Just let the intelligence of your lower state invite the infusion of its higher intelligence into its lower state; thus, you’ll lift the confusion.
I am going to ask that you no longer state you are this lower intelligence.  I am going to ask that you state you are your highest state – your highest intelligence – of where there is no confusion.  I am going to ask that you lift your mask of your lower state, and come with the acknowledgement that there is no lower state, and that you have all you could ask for to lift your confusion.
Come and celebrate.  When I was a man I tried to celebrate that there was no more confusion.  I was asked to not celebrate and to, in fact, hide my lack of confusion.  I was asked not to prostrate and acknowledge my higher self lifting my confusion of being a man with a spiritual essence, and yet I could not lower my confusion.  I was asked to be a man of confusion and to lower and humiliate my earth presence until it could not claim that it was an infusion of its higher consciousness and its lower consciousness.  I could not play by these rules, for if I’m a man as I say who exhibits no confusion, then I cannot play by man’s illusion.  I wanted to surface as my higher self within my human display, and yet there was too much coercion not to.  I did not play by the rules that said I could not play by my higher display, and so I was asked to move forward to my ascension.  The rules are different as you play.  There is not as much confusion as when I was a man.  There is not as much confusion as the rules by which I did play demanded.  You are ready for this ascension within your human frame - not to suffer, as I did by command, and leave your human frame.  I was ready to play by the rules of ascension so that I could continue to judge your human frame as ready for ascension within the human domain.  I want you to play by the rules which state you can play as ascended as a man can play within the human frame.  This will lift the entire domain into ascension when it is no longer required to play.  Do not hesitate to judge when I was a man as a different time in which to play. Do not continue to live by my sentence to not remain in the human frame.  I did what was asked of my higher domain; you will not do the same.  You are being asked to not judge your human frame as anything more than a decision to access your higher domain.  I am in command only because I play where there is no decision not to play.  I am asked to take your hand and inspire you to want to access your decision to be your higher domain in your human physical circumstance, and I want you to access your domain where this is where you stand and pray and lift your physical circumstance to heaven.  Remember, heaven is where you play with your higher circumstance while you stay on solid ground.  So yes, I was a man who was hired to play in your physical circumstance until I could play in your higher dimension, but I was not the example you should live by when it comes to how I no longer could play on your ground.  My decision for ascension was made by your decision for ascension, and we have all come to play in one circumstance, in one domain, in one higher decision to remember your source of origin, your original domain, your highest circumstance.  This is how I play, and it does not matter what you call it, or to whom you refer that I am - it is just necessary that you want to return to your origin while you are in a human frame.  Let us celebrate that you can name your higher origin and that you can claim that you were once a part of it in name and in all that I am.  You are your consciousness, and in it you will remain.  I am simply a part of you remembering your past as your name – your origin.  I am simply a part you play in getting you to remember your name.  Let us vibrate within the same origin, and see us all remember our name.  I am.  Let us play.
Holy Origin, of which I can’t remember your name, let us pass through our small gate of consciousness and remember I am your name.  I am your consciousness, and known by any other name, I am still the same.  I just ask that you remember who I am so that I can remember my origin; for, if you remember my name, then I am my name.  I am your origin.  I have come to play so that I can remember my name, and so that I can help lift the entire earth origin to remember her name in the Holy circumstance.  I want to remember my name; I just don’t know how.  Please guide me and direct me to my origin – to my original circumstance – to my highest frame – and let me practise my name and my earth’s vibration, again and again until I am permanently my name of origin.
Thank you for guiding my name to rebuild and remember my origin.  Thank you for coming to command my name so that I might remember I am my origin.  Thank you for remembering my past and for naming it my origin.  Thank you for remembering my name.  I want to ask you to help me to remember my name.
Thank you,
I will leave you with this simple refrain, and will ask you to remember your origin because of what you can name.  You can ask to start this simple meditation of remembering the seed of your name within the centre of your chest.  Visualize a bright impersonation of your origin.  Perhaps it is a bright light the size of a seed or an orange, or perhaps it is a simple vibration.  Either way, draw your attention to your original name, and allow it its vibration.  Allow it to grow or remain the same.  What matters is that you draw your attention back to your origin as long as you allow it to remain.  It is as simple as this to remember your name – your original vibration.  Allow it its manifestation, but do not expect it to be anything more than a simple name.  Let it ruminate on your suggestion that you can be more than your human frame, and ask it to come to the forefront of your imagination.  It will remember your name, and it will vibrate with your original intelligence – your original form of communication – your original information.  Let it sit until you can no longer remember your name, and then emerge from this meditation.  Do not try to force it.  Simply, as I have said, book-end your day with this intelligence, and it will start to plant its way into your current intelligence of your lower domain.  Do not try to make it spectacular; it is rather plain.  Do not try to force it or you will not remember your name.  Do not do this for the sake of your own intelligence, but for the sake of the entire plane that is trying to remember its name.  Do not try to force your domain to remember its name.  It is for your own sake until it is for the entire plane, and it will force its own intelligence when it wants to remember its name.
Let us leave you with this today.  We have much more to enforce within your intelligence, but this is a lot for today.  Thank you for your intelligence, than you for your witness of your higher intelligence.  Thank you for trying to remember your name – your original state – your original source, our name.
A note from Jill:
The channelled information, particularly the prayer and meditation, offer some confusing messages.  It is best to keep the content just as I receive it, as there is so much more in these messages than I can interpret, and I do not want it to get lost in my reinterpretation of it. 
However, that being said, the meditation is very simple.  One needs merely to grasp the concept that the visualization of a seed of light in the centre of one’s chest, is all that one needs in order to meditate on their highest origin, provided that their intention is that this is what this is.  Some people are not prone to visualization, but will rather experience this as a simple vibration, and this is perfectly acceptable.  What matters is this, that one allows the seed of light or vibration to find its own path of experience.  In other words, allow it to be what it is.  If your mind wanders, then simply draw it back to this seed in your chest.  If your seed automatically expands its consciousness, and, in fact, starts to breathe in a sense, then allow it this.  But do not expect more from your meditation than this.  If you start to experience this meditation with various phenomena, then you have gone beyond what this is; you have then transferred into an ego manifested meditation.  The simplest visualization is the best.  Allow your consciousness to experience this again and, again, and it will begin to construct its own visualization of what is its lower consciousness compared to this, and then you can begin your steps to freedom of consciousness.  Remember, do not force this meditation.  It requires no more than your simple awareness in order for its consciousness to grow in your lower consciousness.  Thank you for participating in this, for as you participate within your lower consciousness, you are allowing your higher consciousness to build a bridge, and our entire consciousness will lift.