About Jill
Jill has been speaking from her Highest Consciousness for the past decade, although she was not aware that she was doing so until 2005 when she answered her own self-reflective question with a voice that appeared to not be of this earth's atmosphere.  It came in the form of a thought, and it was so profound that she went on with further exploration of this voice's suggestion for her earth's consciousness.
Jill became proficient at this form of question and answer with the Highest Consciousness that is present on this earth, and soon, with persistent reflection of the content of the information presented to her, opened up to her higher calling for her life's work.  Jill was given a type of meditation and prayer designed to help each person who wants to connect with their Highest Consciousness that is present on this earth and who wants to offer their communication with this Highest Consciousness to others who are present on this earth, but are not yet aware of their Highest Consciousness that permitted them to come to earth to meet this challenge.

Jill has been informed that we are all born of this Highest Consciousness, and that while we are of this earth, our sole quest is to get in touch with this consciousness to prove to ourselves that we are so much more than that which is born of this earth.  With this simple awareness that we are so much more than our human consciousness or awareness, the entire earth's consciousness will be blessed to remember it is not of this earth's focus or awareness, and will quest to return to what brought it to this earth – to its original Source of Consciousness.

Jill was born to remember that she was born of this original consciousness that wanted to return to the earth's soil so that it can remember that is not solely of this earth's consciousness, and can begin its quest to return to its original place of birth.  This is done on behalf of the entire earth's lower consciousness, and is nothing more than remembering the plan of why one came into this lower earth's consciousness.  The soil of this earth is nothing more than a fabrication of a consciousness that got lost from its original plan of consciousness, which was simply to remember itself as its sole consciousness.  The plan of this earth then became to remember its sole consciousness, but it thought of itself as separate, as being born of this earth and not connected to an original Source of Consciousness.  Jill brought forth this plan that was given to her to come back into this earth's consciousness so that it can start to remember itself – so that it can start to remember its original consciousness or place of its birth.

Jill's plan is to do this for herself.  Because she is a part of the entire earth's consciousness, what she does for herself will affect the entire earth's consciousness.  Her goal of representing her Highest Consciousness while she is on this earth is to help others to understand that they can reach for and connect with their Highest Consciousness, and that we can recreate the blanket of consciousness that persists on this earth that, at the moment, believes it is somehow separate from this greater consciousness that created the earth in the first place.  Jill's sole purpose is to help others to understand that they are so much more than their earth's consciousness – that which they deem as belonging to their individual soul that has somehow brought them to this earth.  When others begin to understand that not only can we communicate with this higher part of our consciousness, but we can pass on its messages for others to understand while they are of this earth and are not connected with their original consciousness, they will begin to let go of their soul's plan for this earth, and they will automatically stand on this earth in their original consciousness that only wants to know itself as its original self – as its sole consciousness – as the place where it began.

Jill wants you to understand that this is not complicated – that your soul makes it so much more complicated to stand on this earth's soil than the original self would have wanted.  Through this gentle process of prayer and meditation that has been given to Jill to spread and understand, you will recapture your original innocence prior to your soul that wanted to understand your human existence and kept bringing you back to earth until you could no longer remember your original berth of consciousness before your soul.  It is because it is so simple that it seems so complicated to your earth-bound soul to remember your original consciousness.  But if you will take a moment to understand that there is nothing as simple and as perfect as your original consciousness, then you will take a moment to know you are born beyond your soul and can return to this with a gentle promise to remember your original birth of consciousness.

Jill was given this simple plan and was asked to present it through the voice of the Christ Consciousness.  This was so that others could be given a face of a voice that brought this original concept that you are so much more than your self-perception of man – of being an individual that is lost in the desert of your soul.  There are some who will be drawn to this new form of consciousness – to understand that they are this original form of consciousness and are, therefore, speaking from their own form of consciousness beyond their soul.  You are all the original form of consciousness and that which brought the consciousness into form.  You are its mode of communication, and you can practice it between beyond your soul and your lowest form of consciousness.  You can be aware of all that I am – all that was born of your original form of consciousness - and you can practice it for yourself.

It is not magic to remember your original form.  You are not a magician when you can present this original form of consciousness through your own form; it is normal.  Jill was born to show the extent to which man can remember beyond their soul and can recapture their original form of consciousness before we got so low we could not remember we are our original soul.  Recapture your original consciousness, and if you happen to be present when Jill is speaking from her original form of consciousness, be prepared to stand and present from your original form of consciousness.  There is no form of verbal consciousness that Jill will present that will substitute for your own self-study through meditation for your original consciousness, however, you may be inspired to search for your own window beyond your soul, and invite your original consciousness in for your own conference.  Remember, there is nothing more than the will to recapture your original consciousness that makes it so.  It is that simple, and Jill provides a modern day example of how easy it is for your individual consciousness to remember that it is so much more than that – that it is so much more than your soul.

On occasion, Jill will allow the verbal content of Jesus to make use of her voice and her consciousness.  You will know he is present because you will feel it in your soul.  He will make use of comments such as, "When I was a man on this earth..."  It is up to you whether you accept that each person can allow the Christ Consciousness to be spoken through them, but this is how Jill presents it for herself.  For most it will be pure entertainment, but others will endeavor to speak from this consciousness for themselves and will rest within this conversation, knowing that they are so much more than this, and that everything is perfect as it is.

Again, Jill was born to be present as an example of how one can reach for this consciousness that is so much more than the individual human or soul.  She presents it as an individual consciousness when it comes in through the form of Jesus or another participant in the collective Christ Consciousness, but it is still Jill that is present – it is still Jill that is speaking – she is just under the influence of the individual aspect of the collective consciousness that is speaking.  At times, this will be presented as a form of channeling, but that is only because there is not yet a term that defines this mode of speaking from the Higher Self or consciousness.  It is, however, different from channeling because, as I said, Jill is always present.  At this point she becomes the highest mode of communication that stretches between the higher and lower consciousness – the Holy Spirit.  We are all made of this consciousness – we are all born with an innate connection to the original consciousness – so we are all capable of communicating between our higher and lower form.  Think of it as a gathering place where all former individual forms gather to concentrate on one form of consciousness.  At times it is necessary to take a break and represent their previous individual form in a conversation, but, as I said, we are all born of one place and are, therefore, all of one form that this consciousness takes. 

When speaking from the highest aspect, it is necessary to take the time to self-congratulate that you have made this connection.  That way, your lower consciousness takes the time to recognize itself as its original consciousness.  This will take time, and Jill has practiced this enough to get beyond her gate where she only recognizes her individual human consciousness.  The time you take will depend on your individual human consciousness and how willing it is to go beyond its human form to its gate of higher consciousness.  As I said, this is not magic, but you will participate as long as you enjoy it and as long as it is natural to why you were born.

Jill offers presentations of speaking from this natural form the higher consciousness takes, but will ultimately be eternally present as this consciousness and will not take breaks from her appearances as such.  Again, this is normal. We are all so much more than this human form presents, and yet it need not present itself as anything fantastic to be the original consciousness.  The original consciousness simply wants to know its original form, and to do so it chooses to see everything as perfect in its place.  Jill will get there, and she will share its perception upon this place, but so will others.  Ultimately, so will the entire public know that they are so much more than this earth place that is spectacular but is nowhere like home.

If you are drawn to this display of consciousness, come join Jill at one of her meditation circles, workshops, or book a private consultation with her.  More than that, however, please know that you do not need to witness Jill or even hear or read any of her material, you simply need to ask your Higher Self for this grace, and whatever you call it will present itself, for this is its natural state – it wants to share.  You are this Highest Self, Highest Consciousness, Christ Consciousness, Original Self, Original Consciousness, Source, Holy Spirit, Highest Grace – whatever you want to call it... just call it... and so will Jill.